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"Guys, are you sitting down???"
Those are the first words we heard from our client Rick the morning of April 12, 2020. Rick owns a cleaning franchise - that we found for him.


He continued:

" We've billed over $400k already this month - even during this crazy COVID 19 pandemic! We're almost on track for one million this month. If this pace keeps up I'll be able to retire at the end of this year!

I'm so happy to have a business that can help people during this time of need and over the moon to be making the kind of money I could only dream of in the past."

The cleaning industry is recession proof. Anyone with a high school education can run these businesses -- many of which can be run from home.

The Franchise Insiders has the Inside scoop on which cleaning franchises (commercial and residential as well as restoration) have the most money making happy franchisees.

Want to make a solid investment in a business that will ALWAYS be needed. Look no further than the cleaning industry.

Smart Cleaning Franchises available for as low as $35K!

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The above link will take you to a list of just some of the cleaning franchises we represent. Register your details on the brands you are most interested in to learn if they are available in your town and how much of a discount we secure for you.

Some discounts are as high as $10K!


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