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Are you a business owner?

Invest in a franchise to generate passive income.

By investing in franchising, you can diversify your portfolio, protect against inflation, and earn passive income.

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Why invest in a Franchise?

Franchises have long been a coveted asset class due to their consistent high-yield cash returns, low volatility, and FTC regulation, as well as the fact that they're inflation and recession resistant.


If you're a seasoned entrepreneur, you've undoubtedly arrived at the same conclusion we have: putting all of your eggs in one basket doesn't make sense.

There are three factors that make a franchise ideal for an existing business owner. 

  • The franchisor must have a 100% absentee model or a proven semi absentee model that requires no more than 10 hours per week from the owner.  

  • The franchise must offer multiple revenue streams. 

  • The business should not be overly complicated or require a lot of specialized knowledge. 

Based on those criteria,

we have compiled our top three choices for the greatest franchises for self-employed individuals.


Do you want to know what they are?


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Our team of experienced franchise consultants has a deep understanding of the franchising

Invest in a stable
business asset

on your terms.



Expand your investing with an absentee franchise.


The right absentee franchise can be a dependable profit center 

and bring you the sense of pride and accomplishment of a

successful entrepreneur.

We will show you today's best absentee franchises to help maximize your returns and minimize your risk.

100% Absentee Franchises Starting at $90k

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Passive income franchises: real or fake? 
It's all too real! It used to be far more difficult to establish a passive income through franchising several years ago, but it is no longer the case.

Franchises are always evolving based upon the needs of the marketplace and what the market wants are asset class franchises.

Get a list of the most popular passive businesses right now!

How to generate passive income through franchise investing?
Investing in a franchise as a method to diversify your investments is considered a very successful technique. It offers high-yield returns on invested money with a known timeline and exceptional durability against inflation and recession.


Franchises also provide safe and stable investments in low risk and regulated environments through the FTC. 

Why franchising?
Franchise Ownership provides numerous benefits and offers attractive investment opportunities for anyone with sufficient time for investing. In addition, the Franchise model is an ongoing favorite of investors seeking to diversify their portfolios and income streams.

Absentee Owned Franchises and 4 Important Questions

How to invest passively?
Many franchise investors are not interested in taking on the responsibility of being an owner-operator. This level necessitates you to be involved in every aspect of the day-to-day running of the franchise and allows for little time for other interests. An answer to this is the Semi absentee or 100% absentee franchise. This type of franchise could serve as the best ownership model for time-sensitive investors looking to expand a portfolio.

What are passive franchises?

Franchises that are run for you for a fee.
Can you passively own a franchise?

Are franchises passive income?

Some are indeed, Yes! Fill out the form below to learn the best ones.


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