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Low Investment & Quick ROI: Footprints Floors Owners can start their business for $78,505! Not only that but when they follow our proven and successful model, they can recoup their initial investment extremely quickly.

Outstanding Revenue: Outstanding Revenue: In 2021, our multi-unit Franchise Owners saw Average Gross Sales of $586,795 with an Average Gross Profit of $247,619*. * Refer to 2022 Franchise Disclosure Document Item 19- Table 3

Home Based, No Employees, Minimal Overhead: Footprints Floors Franchise Owners do not have any type of showroom. This concept is home-based and Owners hire subcontractors to perform jobs while overseeing the business from a management standpoint. Our customers source their own flooring meaning Franchise Owners never need to have inventory on hand. With this model, there is no rent, no buildout, no HR costs, and no inventory, making our overhead extremely low and margins very attractive.

Control & Predictability: Footprints Floors is an appointment-based business, meaning all scheduling is done around the Franchise Owners’ availability allowing them to create their hours and enjoy the work/life balance they desire. Many of our Franchise Owners were drawn to our business based on the flexibility of the operations and the ability to spend more time with their families.

Lead Generation Assistance: Our corporate team is dedicated to ensuring the success of Franchise Owners by helping them obtain customers, both before the business even launches and on an ongoing basis. We create and manage specific online construction portals that have been tested by our corporate locations, turn on and manage Google Ads, manage all social media platforms, and our preferred partners design websites specific to each location while completing all upfront and continuous SEO work.

Call Center: Once the corporate team generates customers from the various platforms above, they are directed to our call center which answers all incoming calls and sets customer appointments that meet the Franchise Owner’s schedule. Not only does this significantly reduce the workload for our Owners, but it also guarantees every customer’s first contact with Footprints Floors is extremely professional.

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Franchise Fee:$68,000
Royalties: 6%
Cash Investment: $75,000
Total Investment: $78,505 - $113,030
NetWorth: $250,000

SBA approved: Yes

Home Based: Yes

Absentee ownership available: No
Average number of employees required:  0

Founded: 2008
Franchised: 2013

Footprints Floors is a unique and innovative business model revolutionizing the flooring industry. While our name may sound like a traditional flooring company, we are far from it! Ultimately we are a labor company specializing in the installation of floors, not the sale of flooring products.

At Footprints Floors, our Franchise Owners meet with customers, complete the installation estimate, and then allow the customer to source the actual flooring from anywhere they see fit. Once the estimate is performed and the job is booked, Franchise Owners manage subcontractors who complete the labor and spend their time as the main point of contact for the customer ensuring a smooth and professional experience.

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