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Created from years of working in the franchise industry. These are the top questions YOU need to be asking any franchise you are considering.

  1. What should I know about joining your Franchise system?

  2. What are the strengths of your Franchise system?

  3. Where do you see this franchise system in 5 years and what steps are being taken to reach that goal?

  4. What competition is there in this field?

  5. How are you viewed in the consumer marketplace?

  6. Can you give me a break down of all of the expenses associated with getting started?

  7. Please explain the contractual responsibilities if I join your franchise system. (i.e. length of agreement, renewals, etc.)

  8. What can I expect to earn if I join your franchise system and does your franchise disclose this amount in your written materials? 

  9. What does your training program look like? What ongoing training do you offer? 

  10. How much additional capital will I need after I launch my franchise? 

  11. If applicable, what goods or services do I have to purchase directly from you, the franchisor, and can I competitively shop for a better deal?

  12. Is there a National Advertising/Marketing fund that I must contribute to? 

  13. What is my protected territory and how is it defined? 

  14. How many franchises have been awarded in my state and have they all opened? If they haven’t opened, why not? 

  15. What are your plans to develop my state and how will that impact my franchise? 

  16. How many franchised units have failed and why? 

  17. Does the franchisor have sources to assist with financing, real estate, and construction? 

  18. Has the franchisor been sued or being sued? 

  19. How have previous franchisee/franchisor disputes been settled? 

  20. How have most franchisees found their franchise locations? Did they use the help of the franchisor, or did they enlist the help of an outside real estate broker? 

  21. What happens when I want to retire or sell my business? Is there a transfer fee?

  22. What is the biggest challenge your franchisees face? 

  23. Do I need permission if I want to market my business through any trade groups? 

  24. If I do sell my business and leave the franchise system, are there any non-competes? 


  • Get to the strength and weakness on any franchise system, quickly.

  • Determine future viability and competitive advantage.

  • Use our proven questions to finally become your own boss and build a financial asset that you control.

  • Get the truth on the real costs to operate any franchise quickly with our hard hitting list of questions!

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Franchising is growing every single year. And that's because more than ever... people want freedom and the security of a predictable path to business ownership success.

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A big reason for this, is that for people currently in the workforce , a franchise is much more appealing than staying in the middle of the corporate world or even starting their own un-proven startup venture. People want their time to mean something and love the idea of a franchise providing potentially better income and a real retirement asset.


Franchising provides a great road map for success for investors of all ages and backgrounds. And that's really where The Franchise Insiders shines, helping our clients invest in the right franchise. We know which franchises have the right kind of infrastructure and support eco-system for each type of client and can help them make the right investment.


While we help many first time franchise investors we also consistently work with seasoned franchise investors, looking to diversify and add franchises. All of this knowledge base is applied to help everyone find their best franchise match.

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