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Save $5,000 -$20,000 On This Franchise Today!

WHY Gatsby Glass franchise?

  • NEW Diamond Standard in the Glass Industry as we bring 3D Technology and an Innovative Sales Process to a fragmented industry

  • Avg Gross Revenue = $3,059,679

  • No National Competitor

Franchise Fee: $59,500
Royalties: 8.5%
Cash Investment: $100,000
Total Investment: $289,543 - $353,399
NetWorth: $500,000

SBA approved: Yes

Home Based: No

Absentee ownership available: No
Average number of employees required: 3

Founded: 2019
Franchised: 2019

Gatsby Glass franchise is setting the new Diamond Standard in the Glass Industry as we bring 3D Technology and an Innovative Sales Process to a fragmented industry across both the Residential and Commercial lines. This stops the pondering minds of clients that always wonder what a project will look like completed and instead offer them a solution to their project as our 3D / CAD imaging allows for a view into what your completed project will look like from glass to hardware.

That is just the start of our World Class Service and Sales Process as we start each appointment with an Expert Design Consultant to roll out a virtual showroom.


This allows for the clients to never leave home or the office again as they can see each option from their current location! You pick out the glass, style, hardware, and everything involved to complete you project at the convenience of a fingertip.


Each Installation is meant to bring in recurring revenue as not only do we install your glass but we show you how to clean and maintain it also! We have a proprietary package that allows you to maintain the warranty by removing hard water stains, sealing, and cleaning with our Crystal Shield System.

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WHY Gatsby Glass Franchise?

  • NEW Diamond Standard in the Glass Industry as we bring 3D Technology and an Innovative Sales Process to a fragmented industry

  • Avg Gross Revenue = $3,059,679

  • No National Competitor


  • Empire Builder Mentality

  • Enjoys Building and Developing Teams

  • Optimistic Personality

Learn More About Gatsby Glass Franchise and Register to
Save $5,000 -$20,000 On This Franchise Today!
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Gatsby Glass Franchise– The New Diamond Standard in the Glass Industry 


Are you looking for a new business opportunity that’s ahead of the curve? Look no further than Gatsby Glass, the latest innovation in the glass industry. Our revolutionary 3D/CAD imaging technology allows customers to get an exact view of their completed project before they commit to it. With no national competitors, unsophisticated competition, and a premium glass product, Gatsby Glass is setting the new diamond standard in glass design and construction. 


The Benefits of Investing in Gatsby Glass 

Gatsby Glass offers several advantages for prospective franchise buyers. Our revolutionary 3D/CAD imaging system allows customers to see exactly what their finished project will look like from glass to hardware. This advanced technology also provides our franchises with a competitive edge over other glass companies who are still using outmoded methods of design and construction. We also offer a high ticket/high margin product that ensures maximum profits for our franchises. 


We understand that many potential buyers may be concerned about the cost of starting their own business, but with Gatsby Glass you can rest assured that you will make your investment back quickly. On average, our franchises have gross revenue of $3,059,679 per year and our reoccurring revenue model ensures long-term profitability. Additionally, we have partnered with Franchise Rocket to provide aggressive SEO & digital advertising services that guarantee lead generation for all our franchises. 


Finally, we pride ourselves on having some of the best-in-class technology available on the market today and our cross-marketable services mean there are endless opportunities for growth and expansion within your business model. And with our In-House Talent Acquisition team ready to help you find qualified staff members for your franchise location, you can start working right away when you join us at Gatsby Glass! 



Gatsby Glass is setting the new Diamond Standard in the glass industry as we bring 3D technology and an innovative sales process to a fragmented industry across both residential and commercial lines. With no national competitors, unsophisticated competition, a premium glass product with high ticket prices and margins as well as reoccurring revenue streams, it’s easy to see why investing in Gatsby Glass is such a great opportunity! If you’re looking for a business opportunity that’s ahead of its time then look no further than Gatsby Glass – join us today!



If you are looking into franchise ownership then you need to know about Gatsby glass franchise. Gatsby glass franchise features unique business growth strategies, innovative sales process, a network of custom glass, reputable network of custom options and some of the best franchise partners in the business.


Indeed. Owning a franchise in the home service industry management glass industry is a smart move. Particularly if you are interested in the fast growing home service franchise industry which is one of the fastest growing in the franchising industry.


Gatsby glass franchise is one of the famed Horespower brands local influencers media assets franchises and with an average revenue of $3M+ it's one worth considering.


Getting glass done right can be confusing or unique circumstances but if you have the right shower door franchise partners you can grow a scalable and responsible franchise that will lead to a wildly successful businesses.


Gatsby glass is a part of the fast growing horsepower brands network, which has incredible franchise leadership.


This glass franchise features world class business support and fabulous franchise partners works with responsible franchise growth along residential and commercial lines where you can remaining locally owned with leading technology.


Franchise rocket makes your life easy by providing you with proven training and support, onboarding process detailed training, and dedicated success staff with a winning business framework fleshed out for you.


Want more form of videos web advanced collection of services? Horespower and Franchise Rocket will have them for you in spades.


You will get commercial lines to help you dominate a fragmented industry with a winning business framework and a wildly successful businesses providing world class service.


Before you launch your Gatsby Glass franchise you will attend a week long intensive academy to learn the team culture, strong support systems, hassle free digital sales, free digital sales process, and the multiple leadership roles you will own.


Franchise Rocket and Horespower brands will provide you with a dedicated marketing agency partner, which will help make you a ideal gatsby glass candidate and a creative digital marketing powerhouse which will help you with talent acquisition team around the country while remaining locally partners access process to a fragmented technology and an innovative leading marketing agency leading technology strong support technology strong support systems and operational insight.


When you own this shower door installation business you will get a dedicated marketing agency, generated quality business, responsible franchise sales process to help you with your grand opening with detailed training in the glass installation industry with technologically advanced collection of nationwide access to answer questions overcome obstacles which are standard standard in the glass and every franchise location has infectious customer and team customer and team culture business models providing a infectious customer marketing strategies prompt and quality services premier glass installation brand to answer web calls for glass installation strategies and operational insight. The Horespower franchise leadership has decades growth strategies and operational success to help you grow an incredible business. Fill out the form on this page to get started today and save $5k - $20k on this franchise.

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