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Home Improvement/Real Estate franchises present excellent opportunities for those that wish to own their own business at a reasonable investment. 


YOU can make great money by helping people improve and profit from their homes!

Why the Home Improvement/Real Estate Franchise industry?

  • Low startup cost.

  • Low overhead.

  • Huge profit margins.

  • Very much in demand.

  • Recession Proof


  • Industry outlook continues to climb: 40 percent of US homes are over 50 years old; 80 percent of them are over 20 years old

  • Aging baby boomers are the target and have more disposable income in good times and bad.

  • Home investments are well-known to be a good investment.

  • There is an abundance of information on HGTV and other venues along with magazines that continue to get consumers excited about the possibilities for their home including improving, fixing and flipping.


Our Services Are Always 100% Free!

Make Your Franchise Search Easy!


  • Quickly discover today's smartest franchise opportunities -- and get your perfect franchise match.

  • You get our expert franchise consulting services - FREE.

  • We work within your schedule to find YOU the RIGHT franchise for your lifestyle and territory.

  • And FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY we give you $2,000 CASH BACK when you find your franchise with us.

Our team works with all of today's top Home Improvement/Real Estate franchises and can help you focus your franchise search on opportunities that are a fit for your personality, your budget, time available for a business and territory.

It's time to invest in YOU! Invest in a franchise.


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