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Why Now Is The Right Time To Invest In A Franchise.

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Opening A Franchise In 2021 Might Be The Smartest Investment Of Your Career.

"In 2002, after the 2001 recession cost my father his job, he sold his house and used the proceeds to invest in a franchise. Thirteen years later we sold that company for $100m."

-Jack Johnson

The Franchise Insiders


Many people are shocked when we tell them franchise sales are stronger than ever right now. Even in the face of uncertainty, many hard working Americans are betting on themselves for the next chapter of their career. The answer is simple. Investing in the right franchise provides the best of both worlds... a financial asset you control and a proven playbook with a team of experts behind you.

There is more concrete data that supports this case, however:

  1. High levels of unemployment at the top end of the salary market.

  2. Access to capital at record low interest rates.

  3. Net worth built over the last decade in the form of home equity, retirement accounts, and personal savings can now be deployed tax and penalty free - into a franchise.

With many legacy businesses that are no longer relevant getting out of business, there will soon be unprecedented commercial real estate deals to be had.

Staffing a franchise with top talent that is ready to work hard  will be easier than ever due to the larger labor pool available, and politicians fighting to offer more stimulus.

Additionally, consumers prefer buying from brands that are already known to them and a part of a larger network.


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