• Jack Johnson

‼️100% Absentee Franchise⁉️

That’s was the mission our great client Cliff tasked us with a few months ago.

Cliff has a great job. So does his wife. Both very fortunate and they know it.

Like many around the world they’ve been stuck at home due to the Pandemic. Not traveling. Not going out to dinner. They decided that now is the time to (finally) invest in a business.

So, when Cliff called looking for a 100% absentee business he wasn’t quite sure if it existed.

⭐️It does⭐️

And thanks to The Franchise Insiders he now owns it.

The plan is to build this 100% absentee business to where it nets Cliff $100k+ per year while he does (wait for it) ... absolutely nothing.

So, congratulations Cliff! 🎊🎉 You made a VERY smart financial move with a great investment in franchising.

We look forward to watching you thrive!

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