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15 Top Fitness & Gym Franchises to Consider in 2022

The fitness business is once again on fire and there are more possibilities than ever before to break into the health and fitness industry and get involved in an extremely lucrative gym or fitness franchise.

Variation of regular fitness routines is critical in optimizing outcomes, and it's an important aspect of a healthy lifestyle.

As a result, there are now many one-of-a-kind and lucrative boutique fitness franchise and fitness center franchise options available to meet unique objectives and tastes of both the investor and fitness enthusiast alike.

Our study has identified some of the world's most lucrative fitness franchises to evaluate.

In this article, we take a look at the current state of the fitness franchise market and highlight fifteen opportunities worth investing in this year.

Expert's Take: Fitness franchises are excellent lifestyle businesses to own for those who don't want to invest in food and enjoy building a semi-passive income stream while dedicating 10 hours per week to their business. Once you get going, it becomes easier to add scale and profit with more franchise locations over time.

Want to Invest in the Fitness Franchise Industry?

Here are 15 of best fitness franchises to consider in the fitness franchise industry for 2022:

1. AKT

AKT combines strength, cardio and flexibility all in one class!

Developed by international fitness expert, Anna Kaiser, AKT is a ground-breaking fitness technique rooted in functional training. AKT combines circuit training, HIIT, strength, toning, and dance cardio. The AKTechnique is unique and its curriculum is always changing.

AKT changes their class content every 2-3 weeks to keep your muscles guessing, ensure you never plateau, and bring you the best of fitness. Dancing is long-recognized by everyone from novice to serious athletes as one of the most effective forms of full-body exercise. At the same time, the AKT program is designed to be inclusive (and deliver quick results!) to those who are de-conditioned.

Attractive consumer-oriented concept to serve the fast-growing market for boutique fitness. The AKT franchise model provides a completely scalable business, allowing you to determine your own success. Leverage development costs and national vendor relationships to launch your studio successfully. Enjoy a low-cost entry, a recurring revenue model, truly exceptional EBITDA margins and the confidence in the AKT team - that has decades of experience in fitness franchising.

The Experience:

  • The class occurs in a beautiful setting that delivers affordable luxury

  • The widest array of class offerings with the best platform in the market

  • The Membership Based Structure: No Contracts, No long term Commitments, No Accounts Receivable

  • Recurring revenue model

  • Revenue is generated online 24 hours a day / 7 days per week

  • Simple Human Resources....Not Labor Intensive

  • Semi-Absentee; few but passionate employees

  • 1 Instructor to 25 client ratio

  • 5 - 8 Classes offered each day with a variety of options

  • Modern Design in a +/-2000 sq. ft footprint


  • AUVs - FPRs show Average Gross Revenue of $1,079,401

  • Sustainability: Dance is embedded in our American Culture has been in existence for decades

  • Demand: Growing Obesity, Aging Population; All-age, unisex broad market creates high demand for services

Franchise Fee:$60,000 Royalties: 7% Total Investment: $319,300 - $499,700


2. Anytime Fitness

Anytime Fitness is a company that owns and operates more than 4,000 franchise locations in 50 countries. The organization's headquarters are located in Woodbury, Minnesota.

Gyms are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Anytime Fitness is a alternative to big-box gyms that provide costly “extras” that few members utilize or require.

Anytime Fitness has earned numerous industry accolades, including the #1 Franchise on the planet, according to Entrepreneur magazine in 2015 & 2016, “One of America’s Most Promising Companies,” according to Forbes, and the “Fastest-Growing Fitness Club in the world,” according to the International Health, Racquet and Sportsclub Association (IHRSA).

Additionally, Anytime Fitness has been honored as a “Top Franchise for Minorities” and “The Best Place to Work in Minnesota” three years in a row.

60% of Anytime Fitness franchisees own more than one club.

Franchise Fee: $42,500 Royalties: $699 per month Total Investment: $68,191 – $693,917

3. BFT

Founded in 2017 in Melbourne, Australia by fitness industry veteran Cameron Falloon, BFT offers a community-based 50-minute functional training and strength-based program across 13 workouts. BFT uses science and technology based training techniques to drive individual member health goals in an inclusive, coach-led group environment. By combining cardio with resistance programs, members benefit from training a different energy system and different muscle types every day to diversify movement patterns that aim to reduce fat and create lean muscle.

What makes BFT a great franchise to own and operate? Now part of the Xponential Fitness Family of Brands, BFT will leverage an educated market with existing awareness and demand in markets nationwide and provide a business opportunity for entrepreneurs to enjoy an outstanding margin business that is ultra-simple to operate. BFT is an extremely unique and unmatched user experience and vibe!

As an Executive Model franchise, owners can effectively hire someone to manage the studio and spend their time developing other interests and business assets or even keep their full time job. Plus, no need for specialized licensed employees as they take certified personal training instructors through their BFT & Xponential training system. BFT instructors incorporate scientifically proven training techniques aimed at reducing fat and creating lean muscle. The program and training techniques can be easily taught to personal trainers. The personal trainer labor pool is therefore vast, where even spin, yoga, Pilates, high intensity interval training, etc. instructors, or personal trainers, can supplement income with BFT and easily become BFT instructors because they already understand kinesiology, anatomy, etc. and can be taught terminology quickly.

FPRs show Average Unit Rev $1,040,875 with a 43% EBIDTA!

BFT concept was born in 2017 and has over 150 studios operating today

Franchise Fee:$60,000 Royalties: 7% Total Investment: $362,700 - $548,600

4. Crunch

Crunch (also known as crunch fitness) is a judgment-free atmosphere for exercise with the tagline #no-judges. As well as traditional workouts, Crunch teaches classes such as “Twerkout” and “Stomp: The Battle“ that add a little fun into the daily workout - thus increasing loyalty and frequency of clients. If you are searching for a more edgy fitness franchise, check out Crunch.

Crunch started modestly in 1989 as one small gym in a humble basement studio in New York City's Greenwich Village. It was a welcoming place for a diverse group of people to get fit. They believe in the value of a healthy lifestyle, and yet they also understand that exercise is difficult and that everyone could use a boost. As a result, they've combined fitness with amusement to make workouts enjoyable.

What do you need to get started with Crunch?

The company prefers that potential franchisees have some background in the fitness industry, but it's not a requirement. The company is looking for people who are passionate about fitness and helping others, and who have strong leadership and management skills.

$1,973,827 Average Gross Sales Per Unit

$523,739 Average Cash Operating Profit Per Unit

Franchise Fee:$25,000 Royalties: 5% Total Investment: $304,500 and $2,129,500

5. CycleBar

Founded in 2004, CycleBar is the largest indoor cycling brand, offering a variety of low-impact, high-intensity indoor cycling workouts that are inclusive of all fitness levels.

CycleBar offers an immersive, multi-sensory, community-focused experience in state-of-the-art CycleTheaters, led by specially trained instructors, enhanced with pumping CycleBeats playlists and tracked using rider-specific CycleStat performance metrics. No matter where riders are in their fitness journey, the CycleBar class experience promises to calm their minds, elevate their moods, and revive their senses.

Why own a CycleBar? With more than 200 studios open across the globe and ranked on Entrepreneur Magazine’s Franchise 500 three years running, Fastest-Growing Franchises in 2021, and Inc. Magazine’s Inc. 5000 in 2020, CycleBar is twice as big as its largest competitor and leading the thriving indoor-cycling industry.

WHY the Boutique Fitness Industry?

  • Boutique Fitness has enjoyed 450% growth year over year since 2010

  • Spinning has been a defined program in fitness studios since 1987

  • CycleBar leverages existing awareness and demand by offering the most premium experience in the market.

Franchise Fee:$60,000 Royalties: 7% Total Investment: $407,810 - $499,860


6. D1 Training

D1 Training is a membership-based gym and boutique fitness franchise that provides individual and group training classes in a state-of-the-art facility, the likes of which are normally found on the campuses of the biggest schools and in the training centers of the best teams.

D1 trainers provide instruction in basic athleticism, advanced cross-training and fitness, and targeted workouts to improve overall performance.

D1 Training is the advanced gym for the whole family.

The D1 Training franchise model is built on small-group personal training classes and an athletic-focused philosophy. Their fitness facilities are able to focus on providing some of the best fitness and training programs on the market - derived from D1 athletic programs.

D1 Training franchise attracts individuals and families who are committed to high-quality athletic training, and so they’re willing to pay more to train in their facilities with their skilled coaches. The result is a fitness facility unlike any other, where clients aren’t just members — they’re athletes. And, unlike other other gym franchise opportunities where membership is almost exclusively focused on attracting adult members, D1 Training is diversified across all ages.

Franchise Fee:$59,500 Royalties: 7% Total Investment: $235,250 - $670,290

7. Orangetheory Fitness

Orangetheory is a heart-rate based HIIT workout that combines science, coaching and technology to guarantee maximum results. It's designed to charge your metabolism and give you more caloric afterburn, more results, and more confidence, all to deliver you more life.

Orangetheory is a community of driven, like-minded people who are working together to achieve objectives and see results they never imagined.

In just one Orangetheory class, you can burn up to 1,000 calories.

Orangetheory’s heart-rate based interval training is designed to maintain a target zone that stimulates your metabolism and increases your energy. Backed by science, Orangetheory workouts provide participants with more energy, visible toning and extra calorie burn for up to 36 hours post-workout.

Orangetheory’s one-of-a-kind group personal training is led by certified coaches who use heart rate monitors to individualize your workout.

Classes are kept small so that you can get the attention you need and the community support you crave, all while having fun and maximizing results.

Franchise Fee:$59,950 Royalties: 8% Total Investment: $488,405 - $994,360

8. Pure Barre

Founded in 2001, Pure Barre offers a range of effective, low-impact, high-intensity workouts that target strength, agility, and flexibility for people of all levels. Pure Barre is deeply rooted in community and empowering clients, with a focus on small movements that result in big changes.

Pure Barre has 599 locations open across the globe and almost 80,000 active members. Ranked in Entrepreneur Magazine’s Franchise 500 List each year, Pure Barre continues to lead the barre space and is a leader in boutique fitness overall.

The fastest, most effective full-body workout that includes a series of low-impact, high intensity movements that are designed to strengthen and tone your body in ways that no other technique can.

Flexible membership terms that allow clients to customize their membership to suit their daily life.

  • 1 Instructor - 25 Client Ratio

  • Owner-operator model with flexibility to bring on additional management support

  • 4-8 classes offered each day with a variety of options

  • Modern designed studio in a 1500 SQFT footprint

  • Asset light model with little equipment

WHY Pure Barre?

  • Pure Barre is extremely well capitalized and prepared to invest significant resources in order to see the brand continue develop its nationwide footprint.

  • Xponential Fitness, LLC is the direct parent company of PureBarre.

  • Fast ramp up: Low overhead model creates a fast path to profitability

  • Proven Business Model; very similar model to Club Pilates

Franchise Fee:$60,000 Royalties: 7% Total Investment: $202,490 - $461,546

9. Retro Fitness

Retro Fitness gyms provide a unique combination of an affordable, $19.99 per month membership with high-quality fitness facilities that feature tons of cardio equipment with personal LCD television screens, three different types of circuit training equipment, Retro Blends Smoothie Bar, child sitting, tanning, hydromassage recovery lounges and pro shop. Add in personal and multiple group training options and Retro Fitness is way more than just your average gym, offering a one-stop shop fitting any fitness enthusiast's budget.

For franchisees, Retro Fitness provides an opportunity to make their community healthier and happier while also generating a significant return on investment. Thanks to memberships that start at $19.99 per month, owners enjoy recurring revenue. Personalized training, the Retro Blends Smoothie Bar, and merchandise sales create additional revenue streams.

For consumers, Retro Fitness is an attractive fitness destination because of its inclusive community, state-of-the-art equipment, group fitness classes and personal training, and amenities like massage chairs and tanning. It is a one-stop shop for anyone looking to improve their health in a nurturing environment at a low cost.

WHY Retro Fitness?

  • $30 Billion Industry

  • Growing Space with only 20% of Americans having gym memberships

  • Being healthy is not a fad

Franchise Fee:$49,000 Royalties: 5% Total Investment: $1,500,000 - $1,700,000

10. Row House

Row House is revolutionizing the rowing exercise segment!

Recognized by serious athletes for decades as one of the most effective forms of low-impact, full-body exercise. Rowing is one of the main exercises for fitness and works the upper body, lower body and core all at once. All levels of clients can benefit from their non-impact group workouts, as over 85% of the body’s muscles are worked with every stroke!

Established in New York City in 2014, Row House was born from the idea that rowing is simply the most efficient, low-impact, high-energy, full-body workout for any fitness level that unites, inspires and drives people to dig a little deeper. With its widespread and devoted national following, Row House is leading the market.

The Row House workout is a 45 minute class of up to 25 people and they row as a crew!

The Row House team has designed several signature, proprietary class formats in order to fit the needs and aspirations of many clients.

  • The widest array of rowing-centric classes available anywhere, designed to create an unparalleled experience, challenging clients at every level.

  • Brand new state of the art equipment in every studio, including top-quality ERG Rowers and smaller hand-held equipment.

  • Inspirational studio space encompassed by rowing and team-centric images, unique lighting and an incredible sound system.

  • Instructors row WITH the class, but also move around the studio off of the rowers to motivate and inspire members


  • Provides a business opportunity for entrepreneurs to enjoy an outstanding margin business that is ultra simple to operate.

Franchise Fee:$60,000 Royalties: 7% Total Investment: $276,600 - $499,500

11. Rumble

Rumble is a boxing-inspired group fitness class that combines cardio, conditioning, and strength training with boxing technique. No two classes are ever the same, but they always include a killer workout set to great music.

Rumble is the first and only boxing-inspired group fitness class that combines cardio, conditioning, and strength training with boxing technique.

Rumble is a high-intensity, low-impact workout that is adaptable for all fitness levels.

Rumble classes are offered in both 60- and 30-minute formats, and can be taken as either group or private classes.


  • High-impact marketing and social media visibility

  • Proven business model with multiple revenue streams

  • Vastly untapped market opportunity

This Rumble approach includes:

10 rounds, 2 fists, ZERO experience necessary.

The 10-round, 45-minute fight is evenly divided between two styles of training. Half of the class is spent exploring the skills and drills of boxing, and the other half is spent on the transformative power of resistance training.

What makes Rumble a great franchise to own and operate?

As the HOTTEST Boxing Brand in the boutique fitness segment, now part of the Xponential Fitness Family of Brands, Rumble will leverage an educated market with existing awareness and demand in markets nationwide and provide a business opportunity for entrepreneurs to enjoy an outstanding margin business that is ultra-simple to operate.

Rumble is an extremely unique and unmatched user experience and vibe!

As an Executive Model, you can effectively hire someone to manage the studio and spend your time developing your other interests. Plus, no need for specialized licensed employees, they take certified group training instructors through their patented Bootcamp Bridge Training Program which is a thorough the Rumble & Xponential training system.

Rumble instructors are performers and are able to control a class, but can be easily taught the concepts of boxing to become instructors with no prior boxing experience. Instructor labor pool is therefore vast, where even spin, yoga, pilates, HIIT, etc. instructors, or personal trainers, can supplement income with Rumble and easily become Rumble instructors. This is because they tend to already understand kinesiology, anatomy, etc. and can be taught Boxing terminology quickly.

WHY Rumble?

  • Membership Based Structure

  • HOTTEST Boxing Brand in the boutique fitness segment, now part of the Xponential Fitness Family of Brands

  • FPRs show Average Unit Rev $4,025,258

Franchise Fee:$60,000 Royalties: 7% Total Investment: $397,700 - $4,028,333

12. Spenga

SPENGA offers a 60-minute workout that is separated into three components; 20 minutes for each Spin, Strength and Yoga. By using three separate workouts in one 60-minute timeframe, SPENGA clients stay more motivated and have more fun than with other concepts that offer a singular training method for the full 60 minutes.

SPENGA's tagline is Best. Workout. Ever. SPENGA fills a void in the market by delivering a one-hour cardiovascular, strength, and flexibility training workout. Consumers are constantly searching for the most efficient and effective fitness solution that will yield them the best results. The SPENGA concept was designed with the consumers' needs in mind.

SPENGA is targeting all individuals looking to make the most out of their lives and their workouts. SPENGA offers a multisensory experience; as soon as you walk through the door you can see the attention paid to detail. This includes the inspiring design elements with space dedicated specifically to each element of the workout, invigorating aroma from the essential oils, and the DJ inspired playlists that create an incredible energy throughout the studio. SPENGA is a community of like-minded individuals all looking to live their best lives and get the most out of their workouts.

Franchise Fee:$49,500 Royalties: 7% Total Investment: $356,000 - $705,000


STRIDE's goal is to redefine what it means to be a runner, with their dynamic indoor running studio across the country!

Running is one of the easiest, most engaging, and most effective ways to achieve your mental & physical goals. It is one of the main pillars of fitness and works in every market in the country. STRIDE is a unique premium indoor running studio with classes designed for any level of walker, jogger or runner.

STRIDE coaches lead you through strategic interval cardio and strength training classes, where you choose the speed and intensity. Classes are sound tracked with electrifying, body-moving music while clients wear custom heart rate monitors to track their results and maximize their potential in each workout. A combination of expert STRIDE Certified Run Coaches, state-of-the-art Woodway treadmills, and a supportive & empowering environment sets STRIDE apart and above.


  • State-of-the-art Woodway treadmills, and a supportive & empowering environment set STRIDE apart and above.

  • Revolutionized Running in large group classes with 25 top quality Woodway treadmills

  • Several signature Designed class formats in order to fit the needs of all clients

Franchise Fee:$60,000 Royalties: 7% Total Investment: $341,500 - $537,100

14. UFC GYM®

The first UFC GYM opened its doors in 2009 and since then it has become the world’s largest MMA brand, with over 140 locations in 21 countries. They offer a unique fitness experience that is inspired by the training regimens of UFC athletes.

Their gyms are fully equipped with state-of-the-art strength and conditioning equipment, combat training cages, boxing rings, and more to help you achieve your fitness goals.

They also offer a wide variety of group fitness classes, taught by certified instructors, personal training, and MMA programming for all skill levels.

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned athlete, UFC GYM has a program for you.

With three fitness center models, the UFC GYM franchise opportunity offers a low barrier to entry – and big potential.

UFC is the biggest sports and sports promotion brand in the world with hundreds of millions of die-hard fans.

Franchise Fee: $30,000 Royalties: 5-6% Total Investment: $199,130 - $1,062,130

15. YogaSix

Yoga Six is changing the way people think about and experience yoga. Modern day yoga instruction includes diverse yoga and fitness programs with movement and intensity to meet the complete needs of any fitness goal. Whether your focus is on deep stretching, stress relief, or high intensity workouts that challenge you every step of the way; YOGA SIX offers a class to fit every fitness level, which is energizing, empowering, and fun.

There is a demand for yoga in every market. Yoga is now a main stream workout accessible to all ages and fitness levels. Yoga Six leverages existing awareness and demand by delivering the best offering with best experience in the market including a low cost of entry and very little exercise equipment to buy.

A low-cost entry with a recurring revenue model and truly exceptional EBITDA margins, their team that has more than 25 years of experience in fitness franchising. Their franchise model provides a completely scalable business, allowing you to determine your own success. You will leverage development costs and national vendor relationships to launch your studio successfully.


  • New programming for core classes provided monthly by Director of Education

  • Several signature-designed class formats in order to fit the needs of all clients

  • High Value Proposition & Reasonable price point

Franchise Fee:$60,000 Royalties: 7% Total Investment: $288,620 - $498,720


Honorable mention: ATK, Club Pilates, Send Me A Trainer, Snap fitness.

In closing, these are 15 top fitness and gym franchises to consider in 2022. Each franchise has its own unique benefits that make it worth considering for those looking to get into the fitness industry. Do your research and choose the franchise that best fits your needs and goals.

Want our help? Our unbiased franchise consulting services are free.

Contact us today to find the best franchise for your needs.

Jack Johnson

CEO - The Franchise Insiders

About the author:

Jack Johnson is a leading franchise consultant. Jack founded The Franchise Insiders in 2017, and together with his wife Jill, has assisted hundreds of individuals in realizing their goal of becoming a franchise owner over the last two decades by advising them on today's top franchises. The Franchise Insiders specializes in matching clients with the best franchise options across a variety of sectors, including low cost franchises, where they are regarded experts.

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