• Jack Johnson

"A few years ago in late December, Jill and I hit a wall."

A few years ago in late December, Jill and I hit a wall.

We both had great corporate jobs but something was missing.

We were tired of bad bosses, unrealistic deadlines, and goals imposed on us by our jobs. We both felt very limited with our salaries but at the same time depended on every penny we made to maintain our lifestyle.

Finally, on New Years Eve Day, driving to Huntington Beach for a quick vacation we decided to take action. We decided we would sell our home to fund and start our company.

Our family told us we were crazy to both quit our jobs at the same time and sell our largest financial asset but we knew it was the right thing to do.

We’d never felt so alive! We were finally doing it!

Fast forward to April the following year, our home sold and we started The Franchise Insiders. We were so excited!

Then we didn’t make a penny our first six months in business. Yikes!

Still. We stayed with our plan and believed in our vision. By November we were rolling and ended the year with a strong profit.

We’ve never looked back.

Our business and our freedom have continued to grow exponentially.

If we can do it... so can you.

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