• Jack Johnson

Congratulations Ben and Renee!

Back in January of 2019 Ben and Renee had just moved to their new home town.

They were seriously thinking of investing in a pest control franchise when they read about our company, The Franchise Insiders, in Entrepreneur Magazine.

Intrigued, Ben called us to ask how our franchise consulting services worked and what we thought about the pest control franchise he was interested in.

We told him we LOVED the franchise he was considering and wholeheartedly endorsed it in the right market.

After our conversation, Ben and Renee stayed in touch. They ended up passing on the pest business and asked if we would help them explore other opportunities.

Jill and I happily obliged and had Ben and Renee take our franchise assessments, as well as doing a deep dive on who they are and what their needs were. We then built a profile for them and then started to share franchises that would be a good fit.

Nothing truly resonated until March of this year.

In March we presented a concierge medical franchise that can be run one day a week.

It was perfect for them.

  1. It meant Ben and Renee could keep their jobs while they grew their business.

  2. They could wrap up their entire market and grow a large business.

  3. They finally could get the diversification they were seeking with a business that can build wealth without their Monday through Friday 9-5 commitment.

We are so thrilled to finally say, Congratulations Ben and Renee!

Thanks for letting us be a part of your franchise search. We look forward to watching you thrive with your new business.

Jack and Jill

The Franchise Insiders

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