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Congratulations, Brian! Thanks for letting us be a part of your franchise search!

Brian and his wife both work in banking. They approached The Franchise Insiders for assistance finding the right business investment.

Brian and his wife had grown tired of Corporate America and were ready to own their own business. They were used to netting $250,000 per year combined, and so they needed a low overhead opportunity that could potentially exceed this in the business they invested in.

Large or small. The Franchise Insiders does it all!

Because of Brian's long career in corporate America, he found it hard to get ahead and save the kind of money he needed for retirement. Therefore, he needed a low investment, high return franchise that could help him reach his goals. Ideally, the investment would be under $20,000.

Mission accomplished! The Franchise Insiders quickly matched Brian with the well-regarded business investment opportunity Global Financial Training and the rest is history.

Brian felt that the match was perfect almost immediately and, after validating this with other GFT owners and their executive team, he proceeded swiftly. He is now fully trained and taking on new clients as a fully operational Global Financial Training business owner.

Congratulations, Brian! Thanks for letting us be a part of your franchise search!

Jack and Jill, The Franchise Insiders

About Global Financial Training

Own Your Own Finance Company for only $19,950

The Global Financial Training Program puts you in the very lucrative field of commercial finance - the business of obtaining loans for business owners and real estate investors who cannot obtain loans from their local banks in order to survive and grow.

Own Your Own Finance Company

"As a GFT owner, you can be your own boss with a complete sense of independence and security, no matter the economic times," with over 36 years of continuous experience in the industry.

GFT has been helping people who want to get into the business of providing loans to small to medium size businesses for more than 13 years. In short, GFT owners can "OWN THEIR OWN FINANCE COMPANY."

GFT owners learn every aspect of the finance business. They typically can do equipment financing, invoice financing, unsecured business loans, business acquisitions and about 30 different types of loans they can provide.

As a GFT owner you will be able to provide just about any type of loan a business owner needs. GFT is not a Franchise, so there are no royalties and no territory restrictions.

In order to be in this business, you need to deal directly with the lenders. When you complete GFT training, you will be approved by approximately 25 lenders. Normal requirements for these lenders to approve new agents are 3-4 years of experience ,great references and stringent background checks.

These requirements are waived based on GFT's long standing relationships and track record. In short, GFT helps owners to fast track becoming a reputable and knowledgeable finance company.

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