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Congratulations JR and Caroline! 🚀

Late last summer Jill and I were out to dinner with family when we spotted our friends JR and Caroline at a nearby table.

While Trey and I stayed at the table savoring our Neapolitan Pizzas, Jill promptly went over to say hi.

Jill shared our plans of relocating to Florida and discovered that JR and Caroline were considering a similar move to the southeast. Like us, they were craving a change in their lives. As the conversation continued JR and Caroline also mentioned that a new business might be in the cards in their new town and wondered if Jill and I could help them with that. Of course, the answer was a 100% yes!

We began our search with a wide net of businesses but quickly focused in on real estate sales and home flipping.

JR and Caroline did their research and gravitated to a well proven franchise that can be run absentee, in the pockets of their time or full time for when they want to really drive BIG revenue.

It's the type of business that can add great excitement, HUGE revenue and smart tax savings to their bottom line.

As you can imagine JR and Caroline are thrilled.

They will be opening their new franchise in their new town in a few months. A whole new adventure awaits and we can't wait to come visit and see what they do with their business!

We know these two will thrive with their new business, with the support of a very established franchise brand behind them. There will be no surprises and a proven road map to follow.

Thanks for letting us be a part of your franchise search, guys!

Jack and Jill

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