• Jack Johnson


Jill and I are so happy this morning to be celebrating our client, Mike!

Mike just made a super smart investment in a technology franchise that produces something everyone and everything in the world uses.

Add to that - this franchise can be run 100% absentee and is adding multiple revenue streams to increase profits for investors even on top of a guaranteed monthly return.

YES, you read that right. GUARANTEED.

Mike can oversee his new business from home or his office as he does very well in his day job and wanted to keep it as he diversified his assets and put himself on track to potentially retire early - and enjoy more time and freedom with family - with more money in his pocket.

Winner. Winner. Chicken Dinner!

Yes, this placement has everything that Jill and I love about being franchise consultants. Helping a client make a great investment so he can achieve more freedom, less stress and a larger financial asset. As well as making a new friend and hopefully business partner for life.

We've enjoyed working with Mike over these past 9 months to make this investment a reality and look forward to watching him thrive with it!

Thanks for letting us be a part of your franchise search, Mike!

We look forward to watching you profit!

Jack and Jill

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