• Jack Johnson

Congratulations Rich and Christine!

What a great way to start the week!

Our clients Rich and Christine just acquired their THIRD business through our firm.

Talk about smart diversification...

Rich and Christine already have a full time gig with the health care franchise we found for them, however rising inflation has them concerned about market volatility.

They wanted a safe, passive business to invest their money in, where it could do more than the 5% or so it was doing with their money manager.

We found them a 100% passive business that GUARANTEES a net 13% return on cash invested with the ability to net as much as 25%.

On a completely passive investment.

Add to that this business is tech forward and delivers a sustainable product most everyone can use and you've got an absolute Rockstar investment.

So now Rich and Christine can continue to invest themselves full time in their current business ventures while enjoying piece of mind that their portfolio will continue to grow.

Thanks for being such great partners Rich and Christine!

Jill and I enjoy working with you and helping you grow a diversified portfolio of businesses that will allow you guys to profit in good times and bad.

Your friends in franchising.

Jack and Jill

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