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Congratulations to Cathy and Allen on Becoming Soccer Stars Franchise Owners!

We’re so excited to congratulate our clients Cathy and Allen on becoming the newest Soccer Stars franchise owners! Soccer Stars is a youth enrichment program that has become one of the most popular corporate-run youth soccer programs in the country. It’s a mobile franchise model with a low up-front investment, minimal fixed expenses, and high top line revenue opportunity. Let’s take a look at why this could be the best low investment semi-absentee franchise of 2023.

The Benefits of Owning a Soccer Stars Franchise

Soccer Stars has multiple revenue streams through its “Crib to College” programs & simple curriculum delivered weekly from the Franchisor through a mobile-friendly learning platform. The average per location revenue is $1.3M, with the highest grossing location reaching an incredible $4.3M according to their item 19. With numbers like this it’s easy to see why Cathy and Allen have chosen to join the Soccer Stars team!

The ability to run their business from any physical location also offers major advantages over other franchises that require more infrastructure or personnel costs. Having a low up-front investment, minimal fixed expenses and high top line revenue makes it easier for Cathy and Allen to focus on making their business successful instead of worrying about overhead costs or additional staff needs.

Now that they are part of the Soccer Stars family, Cathy and Allen have access to all of the resources they need to make their business successful. They can take advantage of marketing support from franchisors, including help with website design, SEO optimization, social media management, email campaigns, search engine optimization (SEO) services as well as setting up events for potential customers in their local area. They will also receive assistance in recruiting coaches for their teams, setting up training sessions with professional players from around the world and more!

Cathy and Allen can also benefit from joining forces with other local businesses such as schools or sports supply stores in order to create partnerships that can help them reach even more potential customers in their local area. This is just one more way that Soccer Stars helps franchise owners maximize their profits while reducing overhead costs!

We are so excited for Cathy and Allen as they embark on this amazing journey into owning a Soccer Star franchise!

With its low up-front investment fees, minimal fixed expenses and high top line revenue opportunities this might be one of the best semi-absentee franchises available now – or ever! We wish them all the success as they continue to grow their business within this exciting new venture! Congratulations again!!


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