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🎉 Congratulations to our client Ben on becoming a Heroes Lawn Care franchise owner! 🌿

Here’s why Ben chose Heroes:

-Turn-Key Executive Ownership Model

-Reoccurring Revenue

-Talent Acquisition team

-Aggressive SEO & Digital Advertising done for him to drive Lead Generation

-Unsophisticated Competition

-Best-In-Class Technology

-Eco Conscious

-Cross Marketable Services

-Highly Scalable

-High Customer Retention

-Section 179 Tax Benefits

Heroes Lawn Care gives Ben the opportunity to be the CEO of a sales & marketing machine that is capitalizing on stackable service lines within the home service industry.

🏡 Heroes Lawn Care is revolutionizing the Lawn Care industry by offering 3 services in 1 providing outstanding customer service, transparency, best-in-class technology, and leading with an environmentally conscious mindset.

♻️ This model is built to produce recurring revenue, has a high customer retention rate, and is designed for Executive Ownership/Semi-Absentee owners.

Heroes utilizes Stealth smart irrigation IQ – Calibrated irrigation systems to prevent water waste and contamination. Our customers receive a Personal Agronomic Lawn Assessment for tailored care. 🌱

Congratulations, Ben! 🎉

Jack and Jill Johnson

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