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Congratulations to Our Client Brandon on Becoming a That 1 Painter Franchise Owner!

We are so excited for our client, Brandon, and his new venture as a That 1 Painter franchise owner! After taking the time to thoroughly research the best brands in franchising, Brandon made the savvy decision to invest in a brand that has already experienced major success.

Here's why Brandon chose That 1 Painter—a brand with one of the best "buy low" opportunities in franchising.

That 1 Painter is quickly becoming one of the most successful franchises in business. In 2021, their pilot office achieved an impressive gross revenue of $4,046,789. Even more impressive is that the San Marcos TX location did $719,731 in its first 12 months! These numbers speak volumes about how well this franchise is doing and make it clear why Brandon chose this brand.

What makes That 1 Painter such a great investment? It starts with the fact that only $35k liquid capital is required for start up (in addition to the one time initial franchise fee of $49,000 and royalties of 6%) which means even aspiring entrepreneurs with limited funds can get involved. Additionally, there is no previous experience required—making it perfect for those who are just starting out or who don't have prior industry knowledge. Finally, because it's semi-absentee ownership you don't need to be onsite at all times. This allows owners to focus more on growth and less on day-to-day operations.

Finally, That 1 Painter has been a top selling franchise over the past three months due to their expansive services which include interior & exterior painting and real estate sell-ready services. In other words they offer an array of services that make them attractive to both residential and commercial customers alike.

We'd like to give another big congratulations to our client Brandon on becoming a That 1 Painter franchise owner! After researching different brands in franchising he made an informed decision based on data and ended up investing in one of the best "buy low" brands around right now—which will surely pay off in terms of success down the line. We wish him all the best as he continues his journey as a franchise owner!


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