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Congratulations to our client, Pete, on landing a mega deal in Miami with Furry Land and Door Renew!

Pete is looking to rapidly expand his franchise portfolio by investing in two of today's most popular managed services brands from Rhino 7.

By owning these franchises, Pete will have complete dominance over the Miami market from day one!

In the face of financial market headwinds, Pete opted to add asset class franchises to his portfolio that he could own but would be run for him by the franchisor instead of stocks he couldn't control in today's casino-like stock market environment.

“Rhino 7 and Development Managers Angie Shaw & Joe Schadle would like to thank Jack & Jill Johnson for helping us with their great client Pete F.

Pete purchased Furry Land Mobile Pet Grooming & Door Renew of Greater Miami under the Absentee/Investor Model. Door Renew and Furry Land are under the same franchisor ownership umbrella so we will use one location for both brands among other synergies.

The absentee/Investor Management Model opens up this kind of opportunity for franchisees everywhere. Thank you Jack & Jill!”

- Doug Schadle, CEO of Rhino 7:

"Furry Land and Door Renew both fit the need vs want investment criteria that Pete was looking for."

Pete was immediately attracted to both brands and, upon doing his due diligence, concluded that both have great potential to thrive in the Miami market.

The managed services (absentee) option also allows him to take a higher level approach to growing his franchise assets while enjoying more time with family and travel. This is a welcome new work life balance for this long time corporate executive.

Rhino 7 always does an excellent job of helping our clients to create a franchise territory that meets their needs. Doug, Joe, Angie and the rest of the team are truly some of the best in the business!

Thanks to all for their hard work on this deal. Congratulations to Pete! We hope this is just the first of many successful investments we work together on as you grow a robust franchise portfolio.

Jack and Jill

The Franchise Insiders

Curious to know which franchises might fit your investment goals?

50 Best Absentee Franchise Opportunities and Their Cost - Profitable Venture Franchises

Discover which is your best match with The Franchise Insiders!

The cost of an Absentee Franchise may not be as high as you think; it is important to remember that you are buying a proven business model that can run without your sweat equity. You are also getting the support of the franchisor which means that you have a higher chance of success. The key is to choose the right franchise and this is where our list of 50 best Absentee Franchise opportunities and their cost will come in handy.

What is absentee ownership of a franchise?

Absentee ownership of a franchise is an arrangement where the franchisor allows you to own more than one location but does not require you to be physically involved in running the business at all times. This type of ownership comes with its pros and cons, which we will discuss further below.

Pros of owning an Absentee Franchise Business Model:

You get to enjoy multiple streams of income from the different locations you own. An Absentee Franchise business model also allows you to keep your full-time job while owning a franchise business. This is very important for those who may not have the financial capacity to quit their day job and invest all their time and resources in a franchise business. With this type of ownership, you get to delegate the day-to-day running of your franchise business to a competent manager. This gives you more time and freedom to focus on other things or even start another business.

Cons of owning an Absentee Franchise Business Model:

The truth is that there are very few cons associated with this type of ownership but we will still mention a few. One of the cons of owning an Absentee Franchise is that you will have to typically pay a higher initial franchise fee. This is because the franchisor will be providing you with additional support and marketing to help you run your franchise business successfully. Another con of this type of ownership is that you will not have as much control over your franchise business as you would if you were an owner-operator. This is because you will be delegating most of the decision-making to your manager and franchise support team.

Want to find your perfect absentee franchise? Let's start today!

TEXT: 305-710-0050 to get started!

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