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Congratulations to our clients Morgan and Steve on becoming Soccer Stars franchise owners!

We are excited to announce that our clients, Morgan and Steve, have become franchise owners of one of the largest youth soccer franchises, Soccer Stars.

We met Morgan and Steve a few months ago and have enjoyed working with them throughout their franchise search journey. We are thrilled that they found us through an existing client, and we believe that their choice of Soccer Stars is an excellent fit for them.

Here's why Soccer Stars was the perfect franchise fit for Morgan and Steve:

1. 100% Mobile Franchise Model - Host Classes Anywhere!

One of the biggest selling points of Soccer Stars is its 100% mobile franchise model. As parents themselves, Morgan and Steve were drawn to the flexibility that this model offers. With no physical storefront required, the franchise owners can host classes in any location - schools, parks, or even on a client's backyard. This means that franchise owners can enjoy the freedom of setting their own schedules and not being tied down to a specific location, making it perfect for parents who want to spend more time with their children.

2. Low Entry Cost

For many franchising candidates, the entry cost can be a significant barrier to entry. Soccer Stars comes with a low investment cost compared to other franchise opportunities available today. This was a significant factor in Morgan and Steve's decision-making process as they wanted to ensure they weren't overextending themselves financially. With a lower investment cost, Soccer Stars offered an ideal opportunity for a family-based franchise location.

3. Multiple Revenue Streams

Having multiple revenue streams can be a significant factor in ensuring the long-term success of a franchise. Soccer Stars offers diversified sources of income, including afterschool classes, summer camps, birthday parties, and sports clinics. Having multiple revenue streams can ensure that in-market competition is limited, providing a significant market share relative to local geography. Morgan and Steve were happy to have multiple revenue streams to be able to take advantage of the various facets of Soccer Stars' operations.

4. High Profit Margins

When investing in a franchise, it's important to look at the franchise's historical performance in terms of the return on investment. Soccer Stars boasts nearly 40% average net profit margins, meaning their franchise owners can expect to make a good profit. Morgan and Steve knew that this level of profit margin was impressive, especially for a franchise model that did not require a specific fixed location.

5. Average Revenue: $1.3M Across 13 Locations

One of the compelling reasons why Morgan and Steve chose to become Soccer Stars franchise owners is the potential for growth in the ever-expanding youth sports market. The fact that the average revenue of Soccer Stars is $1.3M across 13 locations is evidence of the booming youth sports segment. The youth sports market is estimated to be worth over $19B, which means there is still significant room for growth in the segment. Given Soccer Stars' track record, Morgan and Steve are excited about the potential to take advantage of this growing market while running their own successful youth soccer franchise location.

We're thrilled that Morgan and Steve have found the perfect franchise fit with Soccer Stars!

The franchise's mobile model, low entry cost, multiple revenue streams, high profit margins, and historical performance make it an ideal investment opportunity. As Soccer Stars continue to grow and expand, we're sure that Morgan and Steve will be successful franchise owners, providing excellent opportunities for youth to learn the essential skills associated with playing soccer, establishing relationships with other families with similar interests, and becoming true champions.

The Franchise Insiders are confident that Soccer Stars will continue to be a top-performing franchise, and we hope that others will follow in the footsteps of Morgan and Steve and join the Soccer Stars franchise family.


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