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Congratulations to our clients, Vince and Tracey, landing a mega deal in Texas with BFT and YogaSix!

Vince and Tracey, invested in a

20 Unit franchise deal

with BFT and YogaSix!

Every once in a while, you meet a client that makes you better. Vince and his wife Tracey are such clients. We have enjoyed working with their team these past few months nailing down the perfect franchise fit. They have a passion for fitness and making a difference and we are so proud to see them take this next step in their journey.

Vince, a long-time real estate developer and tech investor, came to The Franchise Insiders looking to diversify his portfolio with the right franchise.

Vince knew what he wanted: a smart franchise investment that he could grow and achieve passive income with. He needed the right partner to show him his best franchise fit.

After a months-long due diligence period where he looked at multiple brands, it became clear that BFT and Yoga Six were a perfect fit. Considering that both brands are from Xponential Fitness, Vince felt comfortable diversifying his franchise portfolio right out of the gate.

Both brands from "XPO" also fit well with Vince's personal mission of achieving maximum health, fitness and nutrition.

XPO, you're getting a heck of a new franchisee!

And Vince, you are getting an A+ partner in XPO to help you grow your franchise portfolio the right way.

Best of luck to all! We are thrilled to have been a part of this deal!

Jack and Jill

The Franchise Insiders


CALL: 800-445-6382


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