• Jack Johnson

Congratulations To Our Great Client Jonathan On Becoming A Franchise Owner!

Jonathan showed an excellent dedication to process and thoughtfulness as he utilized our system to select a very smart franchise that will empower him as he helps businesses across the country.

Jonathan might just be one of the most charming clients we've ever had. He is a very warm person who generally wants to do good in this world. Jonathan embodies the mentality of servant leadership and we believe this characteristic will serve him well as he builds his business.

Jonathan will be building his new franchise empire serving clients all over the country virtually - from the comfort of his home in beautiful Montana.

The goal is for Jonathan to have more freedom, flexibility, control and time with family. All while making more money with a business asset that he controls.

It's the entrepreneurial dream.

Here are just some of the highlights of the franchise we found for Jonathan:

  • They set client appointments for their franchise owners

  • Top Franchisees net more than $1 million per year

  • Franchise sold recently valued at $1.7 million

  • Home-based or small office (franchisee choice)

  • Recession Proof

With this franchise Jonathan now has something to work for that will build incredible value over time.

"Imagine making more money for working just as hard as you do today while building equity in your own business that could eventually net you seven figures... That is the beauty of franchise ownership and just one of the reasons why the risk is ALWAYS worth the reward."

Congratulations, Jonathan! Thanks for letting us be a part of your franchise search. We enjoyed getting to know you and look forward to watching you thrive. We know you are in very good hands with your new franchise.

Jack and Jill

The Franchise Insiders

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