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🚀Congratulations to Richard and Cheryl on becoming Blingle franchise owners!

Congratulations to Richard and Cheryl on becoming Blingle franchise owners!

Richard, a savvy investor, is constantly on the lookout for lucrative business growth opportunities that generate substantial cash flow.

Cheryl, with her extensive experience in corporate America, yearned for a business model that would not only run smoothly but also bring her joy.

Their quest for the ideal franchise investment led them to The Franchise Insiders, where we expertly matched them with the ultimate winner: Blingle!

Here's why the match with Blingle made so much sense for Richard and Cheryl:

  • No National Competitor in the Lighting Industry

  • Unsophisticated Competition – Mom & Pop Businesses that often run out of inventory or can’t do the job in a timely manner

  • Franchisor Managing Supply Chain with a Whole Sale Distribution Acquisition to ensure Franchisees always have access to the highest quality lights for their Customers

  • Blue Ocean for Digital Advertising coming in at one of the lowest Cost per Leads / Cost per Clicks in the Service Based Industry to-date!

  • Premier Training with Mike Marlow, Lighting extraordinaire with 30+ years of experience in the lighting industry.

  • Aggressive SEO & Digital Advertising done by Franchise Rocket to drive Lead Generation

  • High Customer Retention: 91%

  • Best in class financing platform (for permanent lighting, specialty event – weddings, etc.)

  • National Call Center with Virtual Designers staffed to design lighting packages, quote the job, and take payment over the phone on behalf of the Franchisee.

  • High Quality Video Production for the Franchisee by Chamber Media

  • Social Media Influencer Marketing to drive Lead Generation

Richard and Cheryl made the leap and you can too.

Embark on your path to becoming a business owner today. Trade the monotony of your daily grind for the rewarding pursuit of equity-building franchise ownership.

Gain valuable insights from one of the few franchise consultants who possess firsthand experience in successfully building and selling a franchise company for over $100M.

Reach out to The Franchise Insiders by texting 305-710-0050.

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