• Jack Johnson

Entrepreneurship Lesson #1

Trey’s first business is a success!

Our son Trey has been pretending to have a store for a few weeks now. I'd told him about his great Grandfather's general store 100 years ago and he'd been repackaging everything in the house and trying to sell it to Jill and I ever since.

This last weekend we figured we'd put those salesmanship skills to the test and create a Cookie Stand. Trey had a budget of $10 to make his cookies, advertise, and create signage and a goal of $30 in sales.

We advertised the sale on Facebook the night before for a "one hour only sale" to drum up the most interest in the shortest period of time.

The result... Trey sold all of his cookies (in less than an hour) and drummed up bidding wars that allowed him to exceed his sales goal by $10.

Jill and I figured age 5 is a good age for Trey’s first lesson in business ownership and what better way to spend an afternoon together with our friends and neighbors.

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