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Former CIA Agent Makes An Intelligent Investment In A Semi-Absentee Franchise.

Updated: May 17, 2022

We are thrilled to announce our client Spencer has made a very smart investment in a home based / semi absentee franchise.

Spencer wanted to invest in a franchise that was established, well run, and could profit in any economy.

It was important for Spencer to not only make a solid investment but he also wanted to have pride in the business he owned. He wanted to "do well while doing good."

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Many franchises made immediate sense BUT there was ONE in particular that fit all his boxes AND came in well under his budget:

✅Recession proof

✅Solid structure and franchisee support

✅Absentee business model

✅Provides a service to be proud of

✅Under $150k investment

After months of discovery and investigation, Spencer and his wife went out to meet their potential franchise in person late last week and immediately knew they had found their future. A future where they are almost unlimited on the size of business they can grow. How much money they can make. How much freedom they can enjoy.

Truly, this is a model where franchise owners can grow a multi-million dollar empire on an investment of less than $150k.

Besides franchise ownership... where else can you do that?

So here's to Spencer and an unlimited future as a business owner!

Thank you for letting us be a part of your franchise search.


Jack and Jill

The Franchise Insiders

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