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🚀Franchises That People Bought This Week

September 18, 2020

Hey Franchise Friends!

Want to know how the franchise market is moving?

Here are the franchises that were purchased this week.

Bit Coin, healthy fast casual (food), microbreweries, beauty, absentee vending, health care, home services, fitness, cleaning services, real-estate, and pet care led the charge.

If you are interested in exploring any of these brands below yourself, please let us know and we'll check to see if your territory is still available.


Sold! This Week.

Franchise Fee:$30,000 Royalties: 6% Cash Investment: $100,000 Total Investment: $150,000 - $200,000 Website: www.ilovepokebar.com

GET $2,000 - $10,000 CASH BACK ON THIS BRAND - ONLY WITH THE FRANCHISE INSIDERS! Poké Bar offers a unique franchising experience that will help promote a healthy lifestyle. Since we do not require a hood, finding a viable space for a good price will be simple. Poké Bar also offers a co-branded boba tea house that can be franchised along with poké. Over three decades, we’ve merged our traditional sushi roots with Hawaiian-style poké. The result? Poké Bar—a fast-casual dining experience with a modern twist. Today, we are committed to serving fresh-daily fish, premium sauces and top-notch ingredients in a way that’s fast, convenient, and (of course) delicious.

Sold! This Week.

Franchise Fee:$51,900

Royalties: 6%

Cash Investment: $80,000

Total Investment: $179,251 - $426,491

Website: dekalash.com


Huge Growth Segment in Beauty. Great model for repeat business!

From the moment Deka Lash was created, it was more than a brand; it was a vision to bring inspiration, confidence and a lasting sense of beauty to generations of women. Deka Lash is dedicated to developing the best products as well as providing a special experience that can't be found elsewhere.

Deka Lash is evolving the beauty industry, combining an alluring and energetic vibe with a focus on ultimate customer satisfaction. This nationwide company is one of the fastest growing eyelash extension brands on the market.

Great opportunity for semi-absentee, multi-unit and manager run. Fast ramp up!

Why the Beauty industry?

  • The fastest growing segment of a $70 billion dollar beauty industry.

Our ideal franchisee/candidate

First movers looking for a fast ramping semi-absentee model. Sold! This Week.

Franchise Fee:$41,590 Royalties: 0 Cash Investment: $50,000 Total Investment: $41,590 - $177,480 Website: www.bitboxatm.com


Bitbox installs your Bitcoin ATM at a verified location. Our Market Research Department finds locations in your area based on our proven criteria and sends them to you. Once approved, our marketing team coordinates the installation of your Bitbox. Customers put their cash into your machine and the system automatically converts that cash into Bitcoin. Purchasing Bitcoin privately on exchanges is difficult and often impossible. Customers seek out Bitcoin ATM's in their area to use for this purchase. Supplying the customer with the convenience of purchasing Bitcoin for cash comes with a high transaction fee. Our Bitbox owners charge up to 20% of the overall transaction amount. Bitcoin ATM's bring in between $20,000 to $300,000 per month nationwide. Our Bitcoin ATM machines are designed to be robust and secure. Bitbox and our affiliates use experience in this industry and deep knowledge of Bitcoin to build a software platform that makes it easy to own and operate your own Bitcoin ATM. You simply log into the Bitbox portal platform to control your machine and view the Bitcoin transaction profits. All from the comfort of your home! Bitbox owners keep track of their Bitcoin ATM's through Bitbox's custom software in the comfort of their home. Simply log into your personal Bitbox account and see exactly how much money you are making each and every day, even while you sleep!

WHY Bitbox ATM? Turnkey Home-based; Immediate Income! Exploding Industry

Sold! This Week.


Initial Investment:$84,150

Royalties: None

Cash Investment: $84,150

Total Investment: $280,500

Website: www.waterstationtechnology.com


Just awarded the Circle K contract for 4800 more units to install over the next 2 years! Add that to relationships with HEB, Kroger and The Dollar Store.

100% TOTALLY PASSIVE, TURNKEY investment opportunity that can qualify for up to $1,150,000 of a tax deduction each year. Sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Many investors operational on or before 12 months are already exceeding an overall average of 20% annual ROI on their liquid investment.

Meet the 100% passive business that is turning the franchise industry on its head: WaterStation Technology.

What is it? Alkaline Water Vending Machines placed in front of grocery stores.

What do I do as the business owner? Invest your cash. WaterStation does ALL of the work. Including placement servicing, and maintenance! You watch it all from your dashboard - from the comfort of home!

Here's what another one of our clients who went to go visit the machines in person said:

"I have visited several HEB’s and they are great machines, water tastes fantastic, employees say customers love them and also that they are well maintained, unlike the Glacier machines, which all I have spoken to said were not."

Water is the second fastest growing category in grocery stores

Alkaline water being the fastest segment of all grocery out of thousands of inventory items

“Sweet Spot” providing a totally unique, one-of-a-kind Business Alliance Owner (BAO) profit-sharing investment model to enhance long-term growth

Here are the highlights of our machine:

State-of-the-Art Technology

Tracks system components and revenue in real-time. Reports in real-time

Notifies operations' teams if issues arise

Purified, great tasting water to consumers. Alkaline-based (this is what consumers want)

Sold! This Week.

Franchise Fee:$56,000 Royalties: 6% Cash Investment: $50,000 Total Investment: $67,000 - $129,500 Website: www.wow1day.com GET $2,000 - $10,000 CASH BACK ON THIS BRAND - ONLY WITH THE FRANCHISE INSIDERS!

WOW 1 DAY PAINTING has revolutionized the painting industry. How you ask? Unlike other painting companies that may take several days, if not weeks, to complete the project, we do it in one day without charging you a premium to do it! Just because we complete your house painting in 1 DAY does not mean it is not to the highest quality standards. Using a technique and system perfected over more than 20 years, along with the right number of professional painters, means you get the painting quality you expect backed by a written two-year warranty. Our painters are uniformed and professional, our prices are very competitive, and our customers are left with a “WOW” experience. We leave fresh cut flowers after every job, along with a personally signed card by each painter that was on the job.

Sold! This Week.

Franchise Fee:$30,000 Royalties: 5% Cash Investment: $120,000 Total Investment: $120,000 - $421,000 Website: www.homevestorsfranchise.com GET $2,000 - $10,000 CASH BACK ON THIS BRAND - ONLY WITH THE FRANCHISE INSIDERS!

HomeVestors is an opportunity to buy houses at deep discounts from motivated sellers. These sellers call our Franchisees every day from our national "We Buy Ugly Houses" brand. We advertise with direct mail, internet, billboards and other outdoor media and TV. Franchisees determine how many calls they get and houses they aquire by how much advertising they contribute to the local council. Franchises work together and share the leads pro-rata so there isn't competition among them. They cooperate with each other, share resources and even buy houses from each other from time to time. HomeVestors Franchisees can generate income and also significant wealth by holding cash-flowing rentals. HomeVestors also provides 100% financing for the purchase and rehab of houses. The HomeVestors business model is built on a foundation of responsible business practices and high ethical standards, which our franchisees embody. Rather than competing, our franchisees act as mentors to one another, sharing vendors and advice. All of our independently owned and operated franchisees are supported centrally with mass advertising support from our nationally recognized “We Buy Ugly Houses®” brand, proprietary home evaluation and content management software, deep knowledge of the industry, and financial resources. Why Real Estate Industry?

  • Buying houses is a great way to make money and build wealth quickly by holding rentals

  • Buying houses from sellers who are in tough situations is a great way to help others in need

  • Buying houses our way works in every kind of market-hot or cold we can get deals done


  • Has sales skills and is very good connecting with people. They love getting to know customers and helping them in tough life situations.

  • Our best candidates are "hunters" not "farmers".

  • Must be patient and focused, accepting of building a pipeline and doing big dollar deals having large cash flow swings.

  • Our best candidates take real pleasure in serving other people in need.

Sold! This Week.

Franchise Fee:$22,000 Royalties: 5% Cash Investment: $50,000 Total Investment: $101,000 - $721,500 Website: www.tapvillesocial.com


We are building the future of the restaurant-industry with our game-changing concept. We exist to create a simple, hassle-free guest experience. Our team, technology and service challenge the restaurant status quo to create an exceptional guest experience. Guests are independent to enjoy great food and craft libations. Our concept model is built for both the guest experience and operator, simplifying traditional restaurant guest pain points and creating a unique experience for each guest visit. We know operating hospitality-establishments is difficult, so we made it easy by streamlining the guest experience using the latest technologies and best practices. Our executive team are experts in operational training and we’ve built the tools, standard operating procedures and training to help a franchisee open and operate our concept. WHY Tapville Social?

  • Game-changing concept

  • Technology-enabled

  • Unique business model with metrics ahead of industry


  • Passion for hospitality

  • Capitalized

  • Hospitality experience preferred, but not required

  • Hard working

  • Entrepreneurial

Sold! This Week.

Franchise Fee:$50,000 Royalties: 3.25% / 5.25% Cash Investment: $100,000 Total Investment: $125,000 - $198,000

Website: www.interimhealthcare.com GET $2,000 - $10,000 CASH BACK ON THIS BRAND - ONLY WITH THE FRANCHISE INSIDERS!

Today, home health care is one of the fastest growing segments in the health care industry. Our unparalleled home health care franchise business opportunity makes it possible for you to participate in this exciting growth industry. Plus, you have the satisfaction of knowing you are getting into a business that helps people and makes a difference in their lives. If you're looking for a chance of a lifetime, consider an Interim home health care franchise. Today 78 million baby boomers have begun turning 60 and start retiring in 2010. The number of Americans 65 and older is expected to double to 71.5 million by 2030. Now is the time to join the nation's health care franchise leader in this booming senior market.

Sold! This Week.

Franchise Fee:$55,000

Royalties: 7% of fee based revenue, 3% of maintenance revenue

Cash Investment: $101,224

Total Investment: $154,974 - $154,974



Residential property management has become one of the fastest growing industries in the country. More than one third of all residential households in the U.S. are rentals and, on average, only 28% of those rentals are being managed by a professional. Therefore, the demand for quality property management companies is extensive and increasing.

Millenials are often burdened with college loans and prefer the flexibility of renting over buying. Couple that with higher credit lending standards and prices for properties on the rebound and fewer Americans in general can afford to buy, resulting in an increased number of investors and investor groups purchasing the homes that are available. Advances in technology have made it possible for those investors to acquire real estate outside of their local markets. All of this has enhanced the growth and profitability potential for property management companies substantially.

In any economy, people need housing. The industry is stable and generates consistent monthly revenue in times of both recession and inflation. A property manager’s role is multi-faceted: to find and screen tenants, process rent payments, provide property inspections, maintenance & repairs, and process evictions when necessary. As the owner of the business, your candidate would be selling their services to property owners and investors, working with real estate agents and others to gain business referrals, and managing their business and staff. Where Real Property Management separates themselves from the rest is in managing property more efficiently and maximizing the revenue made per unit.

Sold! This Week.

Franchise Fee:$31,500

Royalties: 4% - 7%

Cash Investment: $6,000

Total Investment: $66,500 - $110,000



A ServiceMaster Clean Janitorial franchise provides commercial cleaning services, both short and long term, in office buildings, retail centers, or any other institutions that require cleaning on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. The ServiceMaster Clean history of strong performance in the industry has helped it become the franchise of choice for many entrepreneurs.

ServiceMaster Clean's franchising concept is different than the other commercial cleaning franchisors. Call us for further information about this.

We also offer a Floor Care franchise for the cleaning and maintenance of carpet and hard surface floors and upholstery in homes and commercial locations,

Either our Janitorial or Floor Care franchise can start as home-based, investment under $50K, 80% financing available to candidates who credit qualify through our affiliate ServiceMaster Acceptance Company; $25K liquid capital required plus new or used van.

Sold! This Week.

Franchise Fee:$55,000

Royalties: 6%

Cash Investment: $100,000

Total Investment: $93,777 - $137,472



No handyman experience needed, just a passion for helping people.

Build a business that serves everyone,

The trends in home ownership and home improvement spending are compelling for our segment of the industry. The Do It Yourself (DIY) client is declining because the Baby Boomer generation who knows how to work on their homes is aging out of being able to actually get on a ladder and do the work. They are turning into Do It For Me (DIFM) clients out of basic need. On the other end of the homeowner generations, the Millennials have begun purchasing homes at a greater rate, and their basic value proposition of how to spend time does not include spending all weekend working on their homes.

Sold! This Week.

Franchise Fee:$60,000

Royalties: 7%

Cash Investment: $100,000

Total Investment: $171,375 - $290,625



StretchLab is revolutionizing the assisted-stretching segment in boutique fitness! Stretching is a pillar program in fitness and healthy lifestyles. Getting in a good daily workout is important, but stretching before and after you exercise is equally, if not more, important. Flexibility decreases excessive tension on muscles and relieves stress from joints. Our FLEXOLOGISTS offer one-on-one personalized stretching services that will help you run faster, stand straighter and move better!

The StretchLab team has designed a proprietary small group class platform which will disrupt the category by making assisted stretching much more affordable, convenient, accessible and introduce assisted stretching to the masses.

  • The only brand offering small group classes and communal experience

  • Brand-new state of the art studios offering a cultural experience—not clinical and/or sterile

  • The best value in Assisted Stretching, with unexpectedly low prices

  • Affordable classes to open up the category and service a broader customer base

Sold! This Week.

Franchise Fee:$49,500

Royalties: 5%

Cash Investment: $30,000

Total Investment: $117,900 - $185,600



Are you looking for a franchise opportunity with a low startup cost and nearly $130,000 in average Net Profits? Garage Force may be for you.

Garage Force International began offering franchise opportunities in 2014 as an expansion of our successful business model in the Minneapolis, MN market. Over the past five years, Garage Force has built a reputation as the best and most dependable concrete floor coatings installers. Offering concrete coatings for both residential and commercial applications, our franchisees have access to a proven business model created by Garage Force, offering outstanding revenue, profitability and growth potential.

Garage Force franchisees sell and install the best residential and commercial flooring! Our floor coatings systems offer patented polyurea and polyaspartic floor coatings different and superior to others on the market. Our coatings are up to 20x stronger than epoxy, 100% UV resistant, and can be applied throughout the year, usually in just one day!

Our franchisees receive everything they need to start, own, and operate a successful business. From the initial training to equipment needed, our program is set up so new franchisees can start making money from their first job.

Sold! This Week.

Franchise Fee:$40,000

Royalties: 8%

Cash Investment: $50,000

Total Investment: $75,650 - $248,850



Dog Training Elite is a dog training company with over 40 years of experience, specializing in teaching dogs the highest level of obedience, despite even the toughest level of distractions.

Unlike many of our competitors, we understand that each client has different needs, so we tailor our dog training programs to accommodate our clients’ unique situation in the convenience of their homes as we bring dogs and their owners closer together.

We also train service animals and personal protection K9's and have donated our time to those with special needs by training personalized service dogs.

With no brick and mortar location and high dollar value of training services, this is a highly profitable and fulfilling business opportunity.

WHY Dog Training Elite?

  • The pet industry is at $73 billion and growing.

  • This industry has been proven to be recession resilient as historical data shows that even during economic downturn people are willing to pay the same amount for their pets’ expenses. This consistency is rare and reflects the outstanding strength of this industry.

  • As the pet services industry continues to grow steadily at a rate of 7.8% per year, pet spend is expected to hit $283 billion by 2023

Sold! This Week.

Franchise Fee:$60,000

Royalties: 6%

Cash Investment: $30,000

Total Investment: $68,130 - $95,580



Since 2008, Footprints Floors has excelled as a family-owned and operated, one-of-a-kind, versatile flooring business. Great floors and great impressions are what we are all about! Over the past decade we have managed crews that are masters the installation of vinyl, laminate, tile, stone, and specialize in the installation and restoration of hardwood. At Footprints Floors, we operate with a true sense of honesty and fairness and pride ourselves on providing outstanding customer service from the initial call to the final payment. We offer prompt free estimates and never charge extra, or require our clients to hire another company to move furniture, plumbing, or appliances. Our dedication to the services we provide has allowed us to quickly become the largest flooring contractor in the state of Colorado!

Footprints Floors might sound like a traditional flooring company, but we are far from it. We have taken the standard idea of a flooring business and reinvented it to be simpler, more efficient, and extremely cost-effective for our Franchise Owners. We are a home-based opportunity with minimal overhead as we do not have any showrooms or samples. Our Franchise Owners simply act as consultants while working with customers. They determine what their client is looking for, complete the estimate, and then allow the customer to source the flooring from anywhere they see fit, there is no hardcore selling with our concept!

To make it even more straightforward, our corporate team makes the phone ring and then answers it! This is a highly assisted franchise concept where corporate not only helps to generate customers but also provides Franchise Owners with a call center that fields all customer calls and completes scheduling. We have truly laid down all the necessary footwork to ensure our Owner's success.

Why Footprint Floors?

  • Low Investment & Quick Returns: Footprints Floors Owners can start their business for under $68,000! Not only that, but when they follow our proven and successful model, they can recoup their entire initial investment within 3-6 months.

  • Outstanding Economics: System-wide in 2019, we saw Average Gross Sales of $747,401 with our highest performing territories hitting $1.2 Million!

  • Home Based & Minimal Employees: Footprints Floors Franchise Owners do not have any type of showroom, mobile or brick and mortar. This concept is home based and Owners hire subcontractors to perform all jobs and oversee the business from a management standpoint. This means there is no rent, no build out, and no HR costs, making our overhead extremely low and margins very attractive.

  • Lead Generation Assistance: Our corporate team is dedicated to ensuring the success of Franchise Owners by helping them obtain customers before the business even launches. We assist in lead generation in a few different ways. Franchise Owners inherit our, 11 year, 4.8-star rating on Yelp as well as 500+ reviews, Owners automatically receive an A+ ranking on BBB, we create and manage 10 specific online construction portals that have been tested by our corporate locations, Google AdWords is turned on and managed by the corporate team, we manage all social media platforms, and our preferred partners design websites specific to each location and complete all upfront and continuous SEO work.

  • Call Center: Once the corporate team generates customers from the various platforms above they are all directed through our call center which answers all incoming calls, sets customer appointments that meet the Franchise Owner’s schedule, and directs inquiries to the appropriate Owner based on territory. Not only does this significantly reduce the workload for Franchise Owners but it also guarantees every customer’s first contact with Footprints Floors is professional and handled correctly.

Our Ideal Franchise Owner:

At Footprints Floors, we are looking for individuals who share our vision for providing an industry-leading service. They are self-motivated, goal oriented, and eventually, want to grow into multiple units while bringing customers in their markets a one-of-a-kind flooring product and experience.

Franchise Owners do not need flooring experience or knowledge as they do not perform the flooring services themselves, they oversee the business from a management standpoint. Because of this, they must be problem solvers who are able to stay organized with a myriad of tasks and demands. They also must love people and be able to provide excellent customer service.

If you are interested in exploring any of these brands below yourself, please let us know and we'll check to see if your territory is still available.


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