• Jack Johnson

I have to admit... I was a little nervous to go out to dinner last Saturday night.

We hadn’t been out in a while.

We knew the risks but decided we needed to “get out” for our mental health. And I’m super glad we did. It was so nice to feel somewhat normal again and be out around other people for a nice dinner.

As I looked around the restaurant it dawned on me that we all take calculated risks in our every day lives and though some may think our calculated risk for something as trivial as dinner and drinks was not smart. It was worth it to us.

Many times, clients of ours have shared with us that their family have advised them not to take “the risk” of business ownership. Yet, they remained bullish, invested, and for the most part profited.

Strangely enough the profits have been better than ever during COVID, for most.

The great thing is, they ultimately made the choice. Just as Jill and I did.

Good or bad. The freedom of choice and the promise that nothing is promised but that our potential is unlimited for those that want to take a chance is an incredible blessing.

These days that could be for something as minor as whether to go out or not go out, buy a home or start a business.

Having the opportunity is something we all should cherish.

Have a great week!