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Jack and Jill Johnson FranServe's first Million Dollar Club recipients of 2023!

We are proud to congratulate Jack and Jill Johnson from The Franchise Insiders for becoming FranServe's first Million Dollar Club recipients in 2023

💸 Jack and Jill Johnson made a significant achievement by becoming the first recipients of Franserve's Million Dollar Club in 2023, for the second year in a row.

💁‍♂️ With over 650 active consultants, FranServe, is the world's largest organization of franchise consultants and the Johnsons continuously lead their field of peers.

⭐ The Franchise Insiders' story began when Jack and Jill Johnson decided to take their expertise and passion for the franchising industry and turn it into a business venture after their family sold their franchise Home Care Assistance to private equity in 2015.

🚀 They then established their brand, The Franchise Insiders, which aims to help franchise seekers invest in the right franchise.

🤝 The Johnsons have a solid reputation in the franchising industry for their exceptional expertise and personalized approach to their clients.

💰 Their achievement of joining Franserve's Million Dollar Club affirms their hard work and dedication in the industry.

🏆 Last year, the Johnsons also were the first Million Dollar Club recipients in Franserve, and they have replicated that feat again in 2023. This milestone distinction marks their third consecutive year in achieving Million Dollar Club Status with Franserve.

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