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Koala franchise RECENT 2022 UPDATES

Koala franchise RECENT 2022 UPDATES

Top franchisee hits record, achieves $270K+ in monthly sales

  • First month franchisee does over $110k in first month open

  • Midwest area franchisee buys two additional rigs to meet demand

  • West Florida franchisee buys additional rig to meet demand

  • National account rollout commencement, over 800 retail locations

  • Q2’ 2022 Highest SWS results achieved to-date

About Koala Insulation

Founded in 2018, Koala Insulation benefits both customers and franchise partners. Its likable brand voices how home and business owners can earn back the cost of any insulation investment—all while helping the environment. Franchise partners make it happen through a simple business model, normal business hours, and great work and life balance.

Getting started is simple and there’s no need to know about insulation before becoming a Koala franchise owner. The Koala Insulation model can be started with just one rig and scaled over time. Staffing needs are straightforward and as a mobile business, overhead is low and fixed. The insulation industry is an arena worth over 50 billion and currently hosts few organized and large competitors. Koala’s proven marketing systems drive leads and sales—franchisees benefit from the tried and true lead generation methods.

For customers, Koala’s ability to stand by the quality of each job with a lifetime warranty and annual inspections can put their mind at ease. Franchise partners maintain profitability with the use of proprietary, custom-manufactured insulation products with added pest and fire resistance. Each franchisee also receives comprehensive, in-person training on all materials and equipment. Training is on-going with web-based materials and easy-to-follow field guides. It’s also good for the planet. Increasing energy efficiency through insulation has a significant impact on protecting the environment reducing greenhouse gas emissions substantially.

Our process is tested, refined, and well-defined to meet (and exceed) the needs of franchise partners and customers at the same time.

Koala Insulation Franchise Cost and Requirements for 2022

Reliable and organized. Most competitors are unorganized, mom / pop businesses which are very undependable. Home owners can feel frustrated if contractors aren't arriving as agreed. Koala arrives promptly with a quality insulation service. Arrival times are communicated through our technology systems. Lifetime Warranty can only be extended through inspections to maintain good insulation.

Top 5 Selling Points.

  1. Small investment of between $127k-$165k.

  2. Fast ramp up franchise/High first year income potential.

  3. Highly scalable franchise.

  4. Simple business structure-Low staff, lower cost of capital and depreciable equipment.

  5. Proven marketing system to generate leads and sales.

WHY Koala Insulation?

  • How much is a Koala Insulation franchise? Between $127k-$165k

  • Item 19: Gross Revenue: $570,275 Revenue Less Disc Exp: $191,092.12 (33.51%) Avg. Transaction Amount: $3,804.03

  • Highly scalable

  • Simple business model-Low staff, low CAPEX, depreciable equipment

  • No lease or office space

  • How long has Koala insulation been in business? 2018

  • How many locations does koala insulation have? 280

Want to learn how to save $10,000 on your Koala franchise? Contact The Franchise Insiders today! There are many great markets still available.

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