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Mother and Daughter team invest in a fast growing venture-backed dog training franchise

HUGE congratulations to our clients Lisa and Morgan who came to us looking to diversify their portfolio and build a great business together.

Lisa and Morgan both come from strong finance backgrounds and were looking for a franchise with purpose and that also had an attractive bottom line for near term profits and long term passive income.

We love this type of mission: helping families build generational wealth through franchise ownership.

Because Lisa and Morgan have different strengths, it was imperative we really dig in and find a franchise that they could agree on and would take advantage of both of their unique skill sets.

This is where our unique client data analysis comes into play. We can show our clients where they compare to highly performing franchise owners across all industries and find common ground between different personalities.

In this case with Lisa and Morgan, we identified five strong franchise fits and ultimately they agreed on a pet franchise that features a strong passive ownership model.

Additionally, their new franchise is a strong selection because of the following:

  • The pet industry is a $70 billion industry and is growing every year.

  • The franchise Lisa and Morgan are investing in has YOY growth that is 4X greater than the pet industry.

  • Americans spend a significant amount of money on their pets, as they are seen as family members.

  • The pet industry has been long considered recession-resistant . Now pandemic resistant has been added, as pet adoptions increased significantly in 2020, making the demand for services grow even more.

We are very confident that our clients are in excellent hands and poised for solid long term growth in any economic condition with their new franchise.

Congratulations, Lisa and Morgan! Thank you for letting us be a part of your franchise search.

Jack and Jill

The Franchise Insiders


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