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Power Couple Make A Power Move. Secure Their Financial Future With A Healthy Restaurant Franchise!

Congratulations to our clients Megan and Steve for locking down a smart multi-unit deal with a fast growing QSR franchise in their Orlando market.

Megan and Steve will be disrupting the strong Orlando market with this new brand very very soon.

This investment made great sense for these busy full time corporate executives as they could keep their jobs while they diversify and build a franchise empire.

Their new franchise investment is great because it is a simple business.

  • 1 manager and 12-15 part time employees.

  • No exhaust hoods, grease traps or cook tops.

  • Low capital investment required 50-75K, overall investment <250K which includes the franchise fee.

  • Very profitable, item 19 shows over $1M in sales with 22% net profit falling to bottom line after royalties.

  • Affordable retail: Typical size: 800-1200 sq feet.

We were so happy to find such an ideal business and culture fit for these two sharp young investors.

Megan and Steve are very happy now too as they know their future is secured with this very smart franchise investment. Not to mention their new business is in the fastest growing sector in the restaurant space, features twice the industry average in profitability, and has a low capital requirement to get started.

Great investment you two! Thanks for letting us be a part of your franchise search!

Jack and Jill

The Franchise Insiders


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