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Real Estate Executive Diversifies Portfolio With Wellness Franchise.

Updated: May 31, 2022

This is the type of scenario we live for as franchise consultants.

Our client Katrina came to us back in August. She was very close to investing in a well known desert franchise but the franchisor was unable to get registered in her state. She was frustrated but still very bullish on investing in a franchise.

Katrina found us through our Inside Scoop podcast and gleefully told me she had just finished "binging our previous 5 episodes" when we had our first call.

We hit it off right from the start! We dove in and discussed her wants and needs for more financial and time freedom. I told Katrina about our data driven process for finding her perfect franchise match; she took our onboarding assessments and we were off and running.

Within two weeks we identified Katrina's perfect fit franchise in the wellness space.

Here are just a few reasons why this was a great fit for Katrina:

  • Low Cost - High Yield Business

  • Generational Business Opportunity

  • Great Client Experience

  • Absentee ownership

Three months later Katrina crossed the finish line with her new business. She'll keep her job as the business grows and transition full time when she is ready.

Katrina's plan is to build up a multi-unit/multi brand franchise portfolio over the next ten years that will accomplish her goals for passive income and retirement assets.

After working with Katrina these past few months we have no doubt she will be a star and we look forward to may years of working together with her as she grows her franchise portfolio.

Thanks for trusting us with your franchise search, Katrina!

Jack and Jill

The Franchise Insiders

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