• Jack Johnson

Repeat Buyers Diversify With Another Franchise!

Tim and Sarah are old clients and friends.

Tim called up in March with a problem. "Guys. the first franchise you found for us has made too much money! We have a surplus of $500k that we can either pay huge taxes on or invest in another business. We want to put it in a business and build more passive income."

Tim and Sarah have done a fabulous job growing their first franchise and they enjoy running it. They also enjoy spending their free time exploring the world - so they wanted and needed a new business to diversify their portfolio and make them more passive income; but they also wanted to ensure that they could still have plenty of time to enjoy their life - while making more money.

Jill and I knew several franchises that were a fit and presented them to Tim and Sarah accordingly... Within a few months they had their perfect franchise match and yesterday they made it official! Adding two locations and another brand to their portfolio.

Tim and Sarah should be up and running within 6 months and hopefully profitable in 12. That's the plan, so they can be ready to diversify again with the next franchise or real-estate investment. All of this aiming at a mixed portfolio that provides steady cash flow and dependability.

Congratulations, Tim and Sarah! Thanks again for letting us be a part of your franchise wealth building strategy.

Your partners in franchise wealth building success.

Jack and Jill

The Franchise Insiders.

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