• Jack Johnson

The Day I Lost My Job

It was many years ago but it still stings.

I still remember that awful feeling in my gut. The embarrassment. Being scared. What will I do for money? How will we survive?

How could they do this to me?

After all I've done for them?

What will I tell my wife? My family? My Mom and Dad?

It was a hard time. Not to mention my soon to be previous employer did it the worst way possible. Out of nowhere. No notice and no severance. Jerks!

This is a feeling many people around the world are grappling with right now. Millions of people. And if you are one of them -- my heart goes out to you. It's tough.


Perhaps like me... this is where the most meaningful chapter of your career unfolds. You can come back from this. Stronger. Smarter. Better.

You see, my lay-off kindled a fire in me to be the best version of myself I could be. A better employee and eventually a better business owner. NEVER would I dream of treating an employee the way they treated me.

That's one of the beauties of becoming my own boss, actually. I get to decide how I treat people. How I enable them to thrive. And let me tell you... it's true bliss!

"I want our employees to be happier and make more money with us than they have anywhere else. The sky is truly the limit if they work hard."

That's the culture I wanted to create. Thanks to that layoff --- I got to do it. What would yours be?

And while my company is thriving... that company that let me go years ago... not so much. They went back to irrelevance. [Insert last laugh here]

So, just know that if you are down right now - like so many people are - there is a solution. There can be an even better livelihood ahead.

But pay attention to your stats, people. Especially if you are over 50.

A study shows that those over the age of 50 often don’t leave their jobs voluntarily, and the chances of earning a similar salary in a new job are next to impossible. You may need to consider business ownership.

There is a home for the incredible talents of the 50+ crowd in franchising to thrive like never before.

Based upon the stats above it's no surprise that The Franchise Insiders average client is 50+. And as someone nearing that demographic myself, it feels so good to be a part of that solution. We can help.

And that is the point today's blog post.

In the immortal words of Captain Kirk (yes, i'm a closet Trekie) "there ALWAYS are possibilities." "I don't like to lose."

So if you have been recently enlightened to new opportunities (before you were ready to be enlightened). Try to enjoy more time with loved ones. BUT keep your eyes open for new opportunities.

There is a way to win. You just have to try.

Jack Johnson


The Franchise Insiders

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