• Jack Johnson

The Importance Of Fear

Now - more than ever - managing fear is critical to success.

I wake up with fear. Every morning. Every Day.

It's been that way my whole life.

To some that might sound debilitating but to me it's necessary. It's what makes me who I am and drives me to succeed.

It's a part of me and I absolutely need it.

So, of course, I am in a profession that helps people deal with and control fear: franchise coaching and consulting.

I've been asked to speak on the subject of fear many times in my career and my formula is a simple one.

Fear is good.

Fear... mixed with the right amount of excitement can create magic. Can drive you to unparalleled heights and thrive beyond your wildest dreams.

Many people who achieve success early get overconfident. They become comfortable and eventually lose the drive and momentum that got them to the top.

Had they of maintained the right mix of fear and excitement they could have kept their edge and achieved consistent growth.

"About a decade ago... I helped a very talented executive become a franchise owner. He quickly rose to success in his system and shattered all first year performance records. He was the star of the franchise and was celebrated and put on panels and assigned to coach other new franchisees on how ,they too, could repeat his formula.

You know what happened in his second year?

He stagnated.

During his victory lap, he lost his fear and drive and before you know it... he had become an average performer. That franchisee never again achieved THAT high level of success. Sure, he is very successful and has made a ton of money BUT he could have done so much more had he of passed on the victory lap and stayed hungry and focused on his business."

Always maintain some degree of fear and excitement.

This is the formula I coach to my clients: As long as there is excitement mixed with fear that's good. If there's no excitement; say with a bad job and a bad boss, then that is unproductive fear and you need to change.

The fear and excitement mixture of playing in the biggest game of your career, giving a presentation that can win a large account or -- in starting your dream business. THAT is productive fear. Keeping that productive fear in your belly, every day, is a fantastic formula for consistent success.

So the next time you are making a big decision in life and you feel that familiar feeling of fear... ask yourself... is there an equal amount of excitement too?

If yes, proceed.

If no, don't.

That's my simple formula for managing fear, particularly in business. I hope it helps you too.

Jack Johnson


The Franchise Insiders

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