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November 22, 2021

Hey Franchise Friends!

Want to know how the franchise market is moving?

Read below and listen to our podcast.

Learn why people invested in Costa Oil, HDMK, TACT, Decorating Den, and Dog Training Elite franchises.

If you are interested in exploring any of these brands yourself, please click on their respective links below to get more details or even speak to us personally about them.


Jack and Jill Johnson

The Franchise Insiders


WHY Costa Oil - 10 Minute Oil Change?

  • Low Overhead

  • Absentee Ownership

  • Low Capital Needed

  • Item 19

  • Proven Concept

  • We believe the quick lube industry has been ahead of its time in terms of selling the consumer back their time. Whether its Uber selling people their time back, or smart fridges that order a new case of soda when it realizes you're down to your last can and knows your drinking habits, the quick lube industry is the same.

  • The use of full synthetics has negated the need for large holding tanks, which reduces the amount of space needed for a quick lube location and eliminates the need for expensive full basements below grade.

  • We believe that even as the U.S. and the auto industry embrace renewable energy, the combustion engine and use of oil isn't going anywhere for a long time given the unique independent spirit embedded in American society and the widespread use of petroleum in so many products today.

Franchise Fee:$54,900

Royalties: 6.5%

Total Investment: $128,250

Home Based: No

Absentee ownership available: Yes

We get you a $5,000 CASH BACK rebate on this franchise.

Click here for more information



  • High Margins

  • Scalable

  • High Margins

  • Low Overhead

  • B2B

  • Cash Flow Friendly

  • HDMK services home, business, or commercial needs for home inspection and pest control.

  • Our customer's experience and their satisfaction is key to our company’s success.

  • Operating the HDMK Franchise systems allows you to quickly be positioned as a leader in an industry that’s experiencing unprecedented growth and rapid innovation.

  • We service B2B, Clients, and Realtors.

  • We are a flexible business with excellent work/life balance Home-based initially with the option to expand into an office space.

  • HDMK is disrupting a 5 BILLION DOLLAR industry!

  • Easily leveraged with passive ownership potential

  • High margins, low overhead, and cash flow friendly

Franchise Fee:$25,000

Royalties: 10%

Total Investment: $35,960

Home Based: YES

Absentee ownership available: YES

We get you a $2,000 CASH BACK rebate on this franchise.

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  • Lower entry cost compared to other biohazard companies.

  • Exclusive Territories

  • Absentee Ownership

  • Unique Niche

  • Home Based

  • Recession/Amazon/COVID Proof

T.A.C.T. is a unique franchised business for a few reasons.

  • It has a lower entry cost compared to other biohazard companies.

  • Exclusive territories

  • Many US markets open

  • Option to add water restoration to become a full restoration company

  • A fulfilling career where you can help people during tragic situations

T.A.C.T is a 24/7 Emergency Biohazard Decontamination Service.

We provide professional remediation services for biohazards, crime scene, COVID-19, and many other services. For more information see our Services page.

Franchise Fee:$30,000

Royalties: 7%

Total Investment: $80,949

Home Based: YES

Absentee ownership available: YES

We get you a $2,000 CASH BACK rebate on this franchise.

Click here for more information


WHY Decorating Den?

  • Simple Concept

  • Home Based

  • B2B

  • Turn-Key

  • IntraNet system full of training and other information 24/7.

Our Concept is simple. We provide decorating & design services free of charge So Long As the client is buying products. Franchisees purchase products at true wholesale and sell at a reasonable retail price. Our franchisees can charge an hourly rate if the person is not intending on purchasing products.

We are The Franchise of Interior Decorating & Residential Design. Our turnkey business is set up for those who have talent and passion for Interior Design whether or not they have has the formal training. Some purchase our business with experience, sometimes even running their own design business for years realizing they need us to expand to achieve new heights.

Our training includes a 45 day Pre-Training done from Home – typically 1.5 hour per day A 2 week intensive training at our National HQ in Maryland Continued Ed training starts with 11 weekly modules after the franchisee returns from Maryland. Weekly and Monthly training is available via webinars & Conference calls. Much of the country also has monthly in person meetings.

We offer thousands of products – Window Coverings, Wall Coverings, Floor Coverings, Fine Furniture, Casual & Outdoor furniture, home office furniture, Accessories, Lighting and More. Using over 130 Top manufacturers and suppliers, we offer these products in Good/Better/Best price points so we are very competitive on every level.

We have programs and systems for marketing and client development. A large budget for National Advertising (full page ads, Pay Per Click advertising, Radio Advertising campaigns, etc…). Our marketing department can customize advertising materials at no charge. Our course, we have many that are all set to use as is.

Each franchisee gets a top quality website and Business Facebook Page (that we will update for them regularly), and a starter Portfolio to show off what we can do. The first round of Samples come with the franchise. Everyone has access to our IntraNet system which is full of training and other information 24/7.

Every franchisee gets a dedicated Field Mentor to assist them from Start up and beyond.

Royalties are 9% on 1st Million, 8% on 2nd Million and 7% thereafter (Cumulative).

Franchise Fee:$39,900

Royalties: 9-7%

Total Investment: $59,900

Home Based: Yes

Absentee ownership available: Yes

We get you a $2,000 CASH BACK rebate on this franchise.

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WHY Dog Training Elite?

  • Semi-Absentee Opportunity: Dog Training Elite Franchise Owners do not need to take on the role of dog training! With a Lead Trainer in place, Franchise Owners can run the business semi-absentee, focusing their efforts on scaling and overseeing high-level operations.

  • High Revenues: Our average gross revenues in 2020 were $786,059, and our top performer brought in $1,484,943!*

  • Home-Based: Because there is no buildout, Owners have the ability to get their business up and running in as little as 4-6 weeks from signing their agreement. Additionally, no lease is required and employees are minimal, resulting in very attractive margins and next to no overhead.

  • Few Clients Required: With the cost of our most popular training package at $1,800, our Owners only need to add 2- 4 new clients each week to be profitable.

  • Increasing Demand in a Recession Resistant Industry: Pet adoptions skyrocketed with the onset of COVID-19, increasing by 110% in 2020. The demand for our services has never been greater!

  • Scalable: 80% of Dog Training Elite Owners own multiple territories because there is almost no reason not to! All that is required to grow into another territory is the additional franchise fee, marketing, and a Trainer to cover the area.

  • Community Involvement: At Dog Training Elite, we strive to make a difference in the lives of dogs and their families in the communities we serve.

With 40+ years of experience, Dog Training Elite is America’s fastest growing dog training franchise! Unlike many of our competitors, we understand that each client has different needs, and tailor our programs to accommodate their unique situation. We bring our programs directly to our customers in the convenience of their homes, as we strengthen the relationships between dogs and their owners.

At Dog Training Elite, we offer proven systems and processes that allow Franchise Owners to begin their business within 4-6 weeks of signing an agreement! Launching quickly, combined with the surging need for dog training, and our cutting edge marketing techniques equates to a fast and strong ROI for our Owners. An additional benefit to our model is that we have no brick and mortar facility and minimal staff, cutting overhead costs significantly and allowing for easy scalability and incredible margins.

Our Owners are given a large degree of freedom in setting their own schedule. They have the ability to work the business semi-absentee, hiring Trainers to complete the dog training so they can focus their time and energy on growing the business. This is a special opportunity for Franchise Owners, looking to make a long-lasting impact in their community and do something meaningful each day!

Franchise Fee:$49,000

Royalties: 8%

Total Investment: $82,800

Home Based: YES

Absentee ownership available: YES

We get you a $5,000 CASH BACK rebate on this franchise.

Click here for more information


If you are interested in exploring any of these brands yourself, please click on their respective links to see if your territory is still available and learn how much you can save... only with The Franchise Insiders!



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