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January 19, 2023

Hey Franchise Friends!

Do you want to know how the franchise market is moving?

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THIS WEEK, learn about why people invested in Gatsby Glass, Shrunk 3D, Worried Bird Window Washing, Waters Edge Winery & Bistro, and Wallaby Windows .

Don't miss out on the top franchises that are selling right now.

Take your franchise search to the next level with The Franchise Insiders.

If you are interested in exploring any of these brands yourself, please click on their respective links below to get more details or even speak to us personally about where these franchises might belong in your portfolio.

The Franchise Insiders Team

Jack and Jill Johnson

The Franchise Insiders

Two Decades Of Franchise Experience!


Gatsby Glass is setting the new Diamond Standard in the Glass Industry as we bring 3D Technology and an Innovative Sales Process to a fragmented industry across both the Residential and Commercial lines.

This stops the pondering minds of clients that always wonder what a project will look like completed and instead offer them a solution to their project as our 3D / CAD imaging allows for a view into what your completed project will look like from glass to hardware.

That is just the start of our World Class Service and Sales Process as we start each appointment with an Expert Design Consultant to roll out a virtual showroom. This allows for the clients to never leave home or the office again as they can see each option from their current location!

You pick out the glass, style, hardware, and everything involved to complete you project at the convenience of a fingertip. Each Installation is meant to bring in recurring revenue as not only do we install your glass but we show you how to clean and maintain it also!

We have a proprietary package that allows you to maintain the warranty by removing hard water stains, sealing, and cleaning with our Crystal Shield System.

Top Selling Points:

  • No National Competitor

  • Unsophisticated Competition

  • High Ticket / High Margin

  • Premium Glass Product

  • Large Revenue and EBITDA

  • Reoccurring Revenue

  • In-House Talent Acquisition team

  • Aggressive SEO & Digital Advertising by Franchise Rocket to drive Lead Generation

  • Best-In-Class Technology

  • Cross Marketable Services

Franchise Fee:$59,500

Royalties: 8.5%

Cash Investment: $100,000

Total Investment: $289,543 - $353,399

NetWorth: $500,000

Home Based: No

Absentee ownership available: No


Bring Memories to Life with the World's First Mobile 3D Scanning Booth Franchise!

Now introducing Shrunk 3D! The world’s first and only 100% mobile 3D scanning booth franchise where a customer can capture a special moment in time in seconds. It’s as simple as strike a pose, get scanned, and get shrunk! Shrunk 3D combines 3D printing and photogrammetry to capture a moment and deliver a tangible memory. Customers receive a truly unique and detailed product - a physical and digital replica of themselves. Turning a photo in time into a 4”-9” 3D statue printed in full HD Color!

It is a first, fresh, and futuristic one-of-a-kind business model and is ready to dominate the $15B 3D printing and scanning industry. The Shrunk 3D Franchisor team provides franchisees with a complete list of targeted businesses to help them find events while also handling all the backend printing, shipping, and website development so franchisees can focus on running the day-to-day business.

Our Shrunk 3D booths have endless opportunities for creativity within the scanner for customers to capture the important moments; such as gradutations, sporting events, or moments with loved ones! Centered around two of the fastest growing industries and it's cutting edge technology, Shrunk 3D is a franchise concept unlike anything that has ever been seen before.

WHY Shrunk 3D?

  • Little to No Competition - Industry Disruptor

  • 100% Mobile Business Model

  • Low Overhead with 1-2 Employees + No Inventory

Franchise Fee:$49,900

Royalties: 8%

Cash Investment: $70,000

Total Investment: $169,100 - $246,350

NetWorth: $200,000

Home Based: Yes

Absentee ownership available: Yes


Worried Bird is a unique mobile, subscription based, asset heavy, high margin home service franchise serving residential and commercial clients from a proprietary, patent pending Gig Rig.

Our year round services include window cleaning, window screens, pressure washing, holiday lighting & rain gutter cleaning. Whether owner operated or owner managed Worried Bird's "operator first" method of execution from proprietary, patent pending Gig Rigs makes Worried Bird ownership easily scalable and highly efficient right from the ground in a recession resistant industry that's been around for over 100 years.

Customers, using our proprietary software, instantly get a pricing online, then subscribe as members that provide long lasting, recurring revenue for years to come.

Franchisees receive unrivaled support that includes:

  • Worried Bird Connect (an internal resource where everything is located all in 1 place)

  • Worried Bird Academy (1000+ Online training videos)

  • HUB - Internal Communications with corporate and other franchisees

  • 225 pg Operations Manual

  • 119 Sales & Marketing Playbook

  • Worried Bird Design Center - An in house marketing content creator, for print, digital, social media & more. Pick from hundreds of in house photos and videos already curated for you.

  • Sales Training (Videos)

  • Field Training (Videos)

  • Business Development Training

  • Rebuttal Manual

  • Worried Bird Store - Purchase & get new supplies all from a single place

  • Marketing Mastery Courses

  • Nurture Engine - Internal system designed to nurture your customers at scale for life

  • Revenue Planning - Identify activity & capacity requirements to reach your goals

  • Mastering Objections Video Series

  • Marketing Repository - Choose from social media content already curated for you

  • Weekly Franchise Partner Meeting

  • Weekly one on one with the CEO

WHY Worried Bird Window Washing?

  • High Margin

  • Scalable

  • Work from Home

Franchise Fee:$45,000

Royalties: 9%

Cash Investment: $40,000

Total Investment: $93,650 - $146,000

NetWorth: $50,000

Home Based: Yes

Absentee ownership available: No


We are a micro-winery franchise. We outsource all of the agriculture part of the winery business and simply import the "grape-must" or crushed grapes from vineyards worldwide. We operate a large production facility at our HQ to supply our start-ups with finished wine, but over the first year of operation, they become an independent producer of wine.

Our wineries are located in urban, populated areas in retail space - we bring the winery to the people!

The difference between a Waters Edge Winery & Bistro and a traditional winery is that we do not grow or crush the grapes – we outsource those functions to a global network of vineyards and growers. This lowers the cost of ownership, and removes the biggest risk associated with most wineries.

Actual wine production is done onsite. A Waters Edge Winery & Bistro® makes several wines that are exclusive to our winery locations. We make many of the popular varietals, including Merlots, Cabs and Chardonnays. We also make some harder-to-find wines such as Barolos, Gewurztraminers, Pinotages, Petit Verdot and Ports. We source grapes globally that will allow you to make over 50 different kinds of wine using grapes from the best grape growing regions in the world. Places such as California, Italy, France, New Zealand, Chile and Germany.

We also offer a lineup of wines that are found nowhere else and add to the spectrum of tastes for our guests. These include fun wines such as our popular Peach Apricot Chardonnay and Cranberry Malbec. These wines are easy for nearly everyone to enjoy – low in alcohol and slightly off-dry.

In addition to wine sales by the bottle and glass, a Waters Edge Winery® also offers the following:

  • Bistro-style appetizers and desserts

  • Custom labeling

  • Wine Club

  • Private Parties and Events

  • Wholesale Sales

Why the winery industry?

  • Wine consumption has grown every year for over a decade and the consumer craves the winery experience in all geographical areas.

  • Our model is a new twist on one of the oldest products known to man. We make high quality wines without the hassle of owning vineyards.

  • We can put one of our wineries anywhere - find a retail space with 2,500-4,000 SF and we can place a winery there!

Why Waters Edge Wineries?

  • We are the only one with our model in the United States

  • The gross profit margins on the wine produced by our franchisees are above 80%

  • We give our owners the winery lifestyle without having to be multi-millionaires

Franchise Fee:$50,000

Royalties: 5%

Cash Investment: $150,000

Total Investment: $803,857 - $1,168,423

NetWorth: $150,000

Home Based: Yes

Absentee ownership available: Yes (with full time GM)


Wallaby Windows - Your Replacement Window & Door Solution!

Wallaby Windows & Doors is a sales and marketing franchise backed by a Franchisor who has a proven track record in exponential franchise growth and disrupting the home-service franchise category.

We offer windows and doors that meet the performance and style needs of any home. We install quickly, efficiently, and offer a comprehensive warranty to our customers. The Wallaby Windows franchise model was designed with the semi-absentee franchise owner in mind. This is a 'pane-free' franchise model with flexible ownership options.

Franchisees are specialists in selling the jobs and utilizing our network of subcontractors to manage the installs, allowing franchisees to focus on sales and not installation management. Wallaby Windows developed a business model that is designed to work in any market or geography.

Key Points:

  • Low overhead & fixed expenses - no requirement for a brick-and-mortar location

  • Minimal staff of 1-2 employees to launch (Manager & Sales)

  • National Call Center

  • Aggressive SEO and Digital Lead Generation Support

  • In-House Sub-Contractor Support

  • Primary operations during daytime hours - you keep your nights and weekends

  • Generous territories of 200,000 or more people

  • Outsourced installers facilitate window replacement

  • Documented systems and training to help start and sustain your business

  • Access to vendor partnerships to give franchisees the best pricing available

  • Access to the buying power & warranty coverage of the Wallaby Windows network to create high earning potential and satisfied customers

WHY Wallaby Windows?

  • Minimal staff needed with subcontracted installers

  • High ticket invoices with a marketing plan provided

  • National contact center

Franchise Fee:$49,500

Royalties: 5%

Cash Investment: $100,000

Total Investment: $136,293 - $205,570

NetWorth: $250,000

Home Based: Yes

Absentee ownership available: Yes


If you are interested in exploring any of these brands yourself, please click on their respective links to see if your territory is still available and learn how much you can save... only with The Franchise Insiders!



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