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The Inside Scoop 🚀 Franchises That People Bought This Week

October 3, 2020

October 3, 2020

Hey Franchise Friends!

Want to know how the franchise market is moving?

Read below for a list of the franchises that were purchased this week.

Water Vending, Salon Suites, Bitcoin ATMs, Pest Removal, Home Decorating, Medical Staffing, Healthy Vending, Junk Removal, Home Repair, and Crime Scene Clean Up (AKA own a real life super hero business that will always be in demand) led the charge.

If you are interested in exploring any of these brands yourself, please click on their respective links to see if your territory is still available and learn how much you can save... only with The Franchise Insiders!


Sold! This Week

  • 100% Absentee investment opportunity that can qualify for up to $1,150,000 of a tax deduction. Sustainable and environmentally friendly.

  • Many investors operational on or before 12 months are already exceeding an overall average of 20% annual ROI on their liquid investment.

  • Meet the 100% passive business that is turning the franchise industry on its head: WaterStation Technology.

  • What is it? Alkaline Water Vending Machines placed in front of grocery stores.

  • What do I do as the business owner? Invest your cash. WaterStation does ALL of the work. Including placement servicing, and maintenance! You watch it all from your dashboard - from the comfort of home!

Here's what another one of our clients who went to go visit the machines in person said:

"I have visited several HEB’s and they are great machines, water tastes fantastic, employees say customers love them and also that they are well maintained, unlike the Glacier machines, which all I have spoken to said were not."

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Sold! This Week.

  • Phenix Salon Suites is the fastest growing ‘Salon Suite’ concept in the US.

  • Phenix is the only salon suites franchise that has been ranked by Entrepreneur Magazine’s Franchise 500 each of the last 5 years.

  • Salon Professionals used to only have two choices to provide their services to customers. One was to work on a commission basis and take home about 40% of their earnings. The other option was to rent a booth from a salon owner, but still have to live by the owner’s rules and work on the owner’s hours.

  • Phenix Salon Suites pioneered a new vision to give "Salon Ownership" to salon professionals by having them rent an independent, full-fledged salon suite for about the same cost as "Booth Rent".

Why Salon Suites?

  • Semi Absentee Model – 8-12 hours per week, manage 1 part time employee.

  • Recession Resistant Industry, No Seasonality - Hair never stops growing.

  • Technology Resistant Industry.

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Sold! This Week.

  • Bitbox installs your Bitcoin ATM at a verified location. Our Market Research Department finds locations in your area based on our proven criteria and sends them to you. Once approved, our marketing team coordinates the installation of your Bitbox.

  • Customers put their cash into your machine and the system automatically converts that cash into Bitcoin. Purchasing Bitcoin privately on exchanges is difficult and often impossible. Customers seek out Bitcoin ATM's in their area to use for this purchase.

  • Supplying the customer with the convenience of purchasing Bitcoin for cash comes with a high transaction fee. Our Bitbox owners charge up to 20% of the overall transaction amount. Bitcoin ATM's bring in between $20,000 to $300,000 per month nationwide.

  • Our Bitcoin ATM machines are designed to be robust and secure. Bitbox and our affiliates use experience in this industry and deep knowledge of Bitcoin to build a software platform that makes it easy to own and operate your own Bitcoin ATM. You simply log into the Bitbox portal platform to control your machine and view the Bitcoin transaction profits. All from the comfort of your home! Bitbox owners keep track of their Bitcoin ATM's through Bitbox's custom software in the comfort of their home. Simply log into your personal Bitbox account and see exactly how much money you are making each and every day, even while you sleep!

WHY Bitbox ATM?

  • Turnkey

  • Home-based; Immediate Income!

  • Exploding Industry

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Sold! This Week.

  • A Mosquito Joe franchise is a seasonal business opportunity that can be run from virtually any home or office. It’s a great stand-alone business or a nice complement for someone with an existing home-based business. It works well for owner-operators or investor-operators alike.

  • Our service is high in demand and our customers are happy to see us return regularly throughout the mosquito season so they can get outside and enjoy their yard again.

  • Mosquito Joe is your solution to making outside fun again. We provide mosquito control services to residential and commercial customers, repelling and killing outdoor pests such as mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas. Our technicians are trained mosquito control experts who apply barrier spray solutions that keep your yard mosquito-free for 21 days, or install misting systems, which offer a more permanent solution. We also provide services for special events to keep your guests chatting and laughing instead of scratching and slapping.

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