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The Inside Scoop 🚀 Franchises That People Bought This Week 6/5/2021

June 5, 2021

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Read below for a list of the franchises that were purchased this week.

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$2,334,054 per location!

According to their FDD

PayMore Stores is a fast-growing brick and mortar electronics franchise opportunity.

From smartphones to gaming systems and computers to tech gadgets – provides high customer retention rates, growing margins, and low overhead.

PayMore Stores delivers the strongest level of personal data protection available on the market and the highest trade-in values.

Customers who trade in old devices for cash know their data will be wiped clean before electronics are resold.

PayMore Stores also offers exceptional deals on gently used and repurposed electronics protected by industry-leading warranties.

  • Huge Sales- Crazy Item 19

  • Little Competition -

  • Fastest Growing Market

  • LOW Investment

Franchise Fee:$30,000

Royalties: 4%

Total Investment: $184,050

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Sold! This Week

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Residential property management has become one of the fastest growing industries in the country. More than one third of all residential households in the U.S. are rentals and, on average, only 28% of those rentals are being managed by a professional. Therefore, the demand for quality property management companies is extensive and increasing.

In any economy, people need housing. The industry is stable and generates consistent monthly revenue in times of both recession and inflation. A property manager’s role is multi-faceted: to find and screen tenants, process rent payments, provide property inspections, maintenance & repairs, and process evictions when necessary. As the owner of the business, you would be selling your services to property owners and investors, working with real estate agents and others to gain business referrals, and managing their business and staff.

Where Real Property Management separates themselves from the rest is in managing property more efficiently and maximizing the revenue made per unit.

WHY the Property Management Industry?

  • The industry is growing and stable, and both recession and inflation proof.

  • The revenue is predictable and recurring. The customer does not need to be resold daily or monthly

  • The business is scalable. The limiting factor is the franchisee's willingness to continue to hire staff.

Franchise Fee:$55,000

Royalties: 7% of fee based revenue, 3% of maintenance revenue

Total Investment: $154,974

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Sold! This Week A Top Seller of 2021!

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QC Kinetix is a concierge medicine that offers tailored treatment plans for things like arthritis or injury. We treat damaged joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments, cartilage, and tissue, due to arthritis or injury. We use non-surgical injections to restore damaged tissue, decrease pain, and increase quality of life.

  • Low cost, very high returns

  • No prior Medical experience needed

  • Allows you to maintain full-time employment

  • As an owner, you manage the team & the financials. A CEO role

  • Owner can also be Absentee Investor – corporate manages the clinics

  • Corporate helps find the franchisees location and open the Clinic(s)

  • Clinics are only open one day per week

  • Concierge medicine so not dealing with insurance hassles

  • Reasonable cost to operate, super solid potential returns and limited time commitment

  • Owners netting $150k - $1m per year

Franchise Fee:$55,000

Royalties: 8%

Total Investment: $250,000

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Sold! This Week

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As an Allegra franchise owner, you’ll compete against small advertising agencies, freelance Web developers, copywriters, graphic designers, as well as printers and letter shops, depending on the client services desired. None of their resources can match your full range of services, which will include consulting, creative and production. You are a single source provider.

Your typical day will include interacting/directing with your administrative staff, your customer service representatives, your design specialists, your production people and your outside sales team. You will coordinate daily/weekly priorities, manage vendor/supplier relationships, attend local area business association meetings, visit large accounts, communicate with Allegra corporate support team members, manage POS functions and review financial performance.

  • Average annual sales of Allegra Centers in the top 50%* is $1,691,759.

  • Owner's Discretionary Profit Margin Percentage** (median of all high profit participating centers*) is 22.87%.

  • Printing is one of the largest and most stable industries in North America

  • The marketing services industry—including graphic design, marketing consulting services, advertising and related services—is estimated at more than $120 billion in annual sales.

  • Combined, they account for over $200 billion in annual sales, that’s why Allegra has positioned their model to take advantage of all of this.

  1. Are you an aggressive, growth oriented person that want a scalable business to business model?

  2. Do you enjoy having C-level strategy discussions with other entrepreneurs?