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The Inside Scoop 🚀 Franchises That People Bought This Week 7/31/2021

July 31, 2021

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Read below for a list of the franchises that were purchased this week.

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Sold! This Week

We get you $10,000 Cash Back On This Franchise!

Smash My Trash is a highly disruptive, patent-pending model built to shake up the commercial waste industry.

It is an extremely simple business model with recurring revenue, routed service and minimal staff. Environmentally friendly, Smash My Trash is a 15-minute service that compacts commercial trash in waste containers and reduces haul volume by 70% on average dramatically reducing emissions to the environment.

It is easily scalable with no facility requirements. There is minimal competition and very little the commercial waste industry can do to counter the value proposition that saves the consumer 20% net or more on their waste hauling services. In addition to this it is a moderate investment that produces incredibly high margins. This can be run as a semi-absentee or an owner/operator model.

WHY Smash My Trash?

  • B2b, recurring revenue (12 month contracts)

  • Disruptive technology, first to market in this space

  • Semi-absentee or owner operator with No Brick & Mortar

  • Incredible Item 19

  • Small team, simple sales (we save companies money) and environmentally friendly

Franchise Fee:$49,500

Royalties: 8%

Total Investment: $322,650

Home Based: YES

Absentee ownership available: YES

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Sold! This Week

We get you $10,000 Cash Back On This Franchise!

iTrip Vacations is a full-service short-term rental property management franchise with over 12 years' experience in the industry, 80+ franchisees, and present in over 100+ destinations.

Our franchisees participate in a $36 Billion industry that is booming!

Our mission is to provide individual franchise owner-operators industry-leading technologies, proven processes, and expansive marketing strategies. We serve both traditional vacation/seasonal destinations as well as urban markets.

We do not compete with Airbnb and VRBO. In fact, these companies, and many others like them, are channel partners of iTrip.

Why property management and the short-term rental industry?

  • Property management provides for an executive level residual income stream.

  • Investors are buying properties for short-term rental needs, which generates demand for property management services.

  • There are 9 million secondary properties (investment properties) across the U.S.

  • Short-term rentals are becoming more and more mainstream, and travelers are finding the extensive benefits of booking a short-term rental property vs a hotel room. In fact, 4 out of 10 travelers now prefer to book a property vs a hotel.

  • Travel & hospitality are the fastest growing sectors in the U.S.

  • The short-term rental industry is now recession resistant.

Home Based: YES

Absentee ownership available: NO

Franchise Fee:$30,000

Royalties: 5%

Total Investment: $107,075

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Sold! This Week

We get you $5,000 Cash Back On This Franchise!

With 40+ years of experience, Dog Training Elite is America’s fastest growing dog training franchise! Unlike many of our competitors, we understand that each client has different needs, and tailor our programs to accommodate their unique situation. We bring our programs directly to our customers in the convenience of their homes, as we strengthen the relationships between dogs and their owners.

Our Owners are given a large degree of freedom in setting their own schedule. They have the ability to work the business semi-absentee, hiring Trainers to complete the dog training so they can focus their time and energy on growing the business. This is a special opportunity for Franchise Owners, looking to make a long-lasting impact in their community and do something meaningful each day!

WHY Dog Training Elite?

  • Semi-Absentee Opportunity: Dog Training Elite Franchise Owners do not need to take on the role of dog training! With a Lead Trainer in place, Franchise Owners can run the business semi-absentee, focusing their efforts on scaling and overseeing high-level operations.

  • High Revenues: Our average gross revenues in 2020 were $786,059, and our top performer brought in $1,484,943!*

  • Home-Based: Because there is no buildout, Owners have the ability to get their business up and running in as little as 4-6 weeks from signing their agreement. Additionally, no lease is required and employees are minimal, resulting in very attractive margins and next to no overhead.

  • Few Clients Required: With the cost of our most popular training package at $1,800, our Owners only need to add 2- 4 new clients each week to be profitable.

  • Increasing Demand in a Recession Resistant Industry: Pet adoptions skyrocketed with the onset of COVID-19, increasing by 110% in 2020. The demand for our services has never been greater!

  • Scalable: 80% of Dog Training Elite Owners own multiple territories because there is almost no reason not to! All that is required to grow into another territory is the additional franchise fee, marketing, and a Trainer to cover the area.

  • Community Involvement: At Dog Training Elite, we strive to make a difference in the lives of dogs and their families in the communities we serve.

Home Based: YES

Absentee ownership available: YES

Franchise Fee:$49,000

Royalties: 8%

Total Investment: $82,800

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Sold! This Week

We get you $2,000 Cash Back On This Franchise!

Bio-One sets the industry standard when it comes to crime scene cleanup.