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The Inside Scoop 🚀 Franchises That People Bought This Week 8/14//2021

August 14, 2021

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Read below for a list of the franchises that were purchased this week.

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Sold! This Week

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QC Kinetix is a franchise with incredible Item 19 revenue averages and is built to be run semi absentee or even full absentee.

QC Kinetix clinics provide concierge medicine (Non-Surgical) treatments for things like arthritis or injury.

WHY QC Kinetix?

  • Non-Surgical regenerative medicine treatments for pain caused by arthritis or injuries

  • They treat damaged joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments, cartilage and tissue

  • Treatments include Class IV deep tissue laser, Platelet-rich Plasma, A2M (naturally occurring protein) and Bone Marrow stem cells

  • All cash Clinics – QC Kinetix is a concierges medicine that does not work with insurance companies

  • Two Ownership Options: - Absentee Ownership – Franchisee acts as Investor – Corporate Management company manages the business - minimum of a 3 clinic market to qualify - Semi-Absentee Ownership – Franchisee can keep their job – CEO type role - they will manage the managers and the Financials of the business

  • Total Investment is $250,000 for a single clinic

  • Existing Medical office space of 2,000 square feet

  • Clinics are open 1 day per week

  • Franchise Call center fields leads and sets appointments for the clinics

  • Fantastic Item 19

Franchise Fee:$55,000

Royalties: 8%

Total Investment: $250,000

Home Based: NO

Absentee ownership available: YES

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New! This Week

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The Car Wash Industry has not changed in 100 years...UNTIL NOW! No-H2O is a disruptive franchise revolutionizing the future of car washing!

Like UBER but for Car Washing, No-H2O On Demand will revolutionize urban car care. Targeting time starved busy consumers, No-H2O On Demand is a pure convenience based service driven through a mobile app, giving the consumer a totally new and unique experience when it comes to car care.

Our waterless product offering is so unique that a car can be cleaned anywhere and anytime. The primary focus for our App is user experience with a clean user interface that enables a car wash service to be booked in just 4 clicks.

Our operators can deliver our waterless carwash services via a number of different modes of transport including cars, scooters and even bicycles. The app generates a digital eco system of valuable user data enabling cost effective targeting and re-marketing to the consumer.

Key points;

No-H2O is an innovative waterless car washing product that emulsifies dirt particles and then safely absorbs those particles into a microfiber cloth. The positive charge in the product combined with a negative charge in the microfibre cloth creates a highly effective solution to washing cars, motorbikes, RV’s and even aircraft.

The product is scratch free and does not use water compared to a traditional carwash that wastes approximately 35 gallons (132litres) per wash. No-H2O is used by some of the world’s largest automotive businesses including Hertz, Europcar, Sixt, BMW and others and is the only product of its type that has been approved for use on commercial Boeing and Airbus aircraft.

The future of car washing, wrapped up in a franchise.

  1. Static and pop-up locations: Malls, retail parking, corporations, airports and parking garages. We have developed partnerships with a number of high profile parking lot operators which has led to No-H2O being the preferred supplier of car care within these parking lot networks. We supply complete state of the art fit outs and multi-year agreements/licenses to operate waterless car cleaning services within the carparks. These locations offer the No-H2O franchisee an immediate captive audience to generate business.

  2. On-demand: Car wash and detailing that comes to you! Our waterless system enables cars to be cleaned anytime and anywhere. No water means no drainage and no mess and this has led to No-H2O developing lucrative contract partnerships with a number of large corporations and uber-convenient car cleaning at home.

Home Based: Yes

Absentee ownership available: No

Franchise Fee: $49,500

Royalties: 8%

Total Investment: $119k - $139k

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New! This Week

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What Is Mathnasium?

Mathnasium is a revolution in math education. Our proprietary teaching method helps children catch up and get ahead while making learning fun and engaging. With over 1,000 centers worldwide, we continue to expand in the United States. With a modest investment, franchisees have an excellent opportunity to seize a share of a skyrocketing, multibillion-dollar industry.

Mathnasium's Mission: Teach children math so they understand it, master it, and love it. Math can change their lives, and they can change the world.

With math illiteracy at an all-time high, and college and technical careers becoming increasingly competitive, parents want to give their children an advantage. Mathnasium makes that attainable through a monthly membership fee, similar to a gym membership.

Students typically attend a Mathnasium Learning Center or have online instruction sessions two or three times each week for one hour, where they learn face to face with our highly trained instructors. Whether a child struggles in math or needs a greater challenge, our proven approach makes believers out of even the most skeptical parents and children. Hundreds of thousands of positive reviews and testimonials tell us that we truly change lives through math every day.

WHY Mathnasium?

  • Rapidly Growing Market — Global private tutoring market is forecast to reach $218 billion by 2027*

  • Proven Track Record of Success — 1,000+ locations worldwide, with more opening regularly

  • Simple Business Model — Low operating costs and membership-style revenue stream

Home Based: No

Absentee ownership available: No

Franchise Fee:$49,000

Royalties: 10% plus $500 based monthly

Total Investment: $112,750

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