• Jack Johnson

Whatever YOUR WHY is... You can find it with the right business.

That doesn’t always mean it’s love at first sight, however.

Jill and I didn’t grow up dreaming about being franchise consultants.

Once upon a time we worked in marketing. Jill for Wynn Las Vegas and me at MGM Grand.

Never did we dream we could have the freedom and lifestyle we have now.

We both worked for massive companies and though our contributions were significant in those early days of online marketing. We still felt like a number.

Now we feel like rockstars.

We love what we do.

And we are good at it.

Really good.

Best of all. We love helping people. Every day feels like Christmas to us and that is an amazing feeling.

But if you’d have told me back in 1999 that two decades later I’d be the CEO of a franchise consulting business I’m not sure I would have been excited.

The point in all of this is... the best businesses for you may not always appear that way right away.

Always try and look deeper.

Do people need the service?

Will the business be relevant in 10 years?

Can you make a million dollars and amass a real retirement asset with it?

Ask yourself then, if that “smart vs sexy" business that didn’t look so good initially could in fact be your ticket to exactly what you seek.

Jack and Jill