• Jack Johnson

“WHY do you guys only post pictures of yourselves?"

"Why don’t you post pictures of your clients when they invest in a franchise?”

This is a question we get just about every single day.

Here’s the answer.

Most of our clients are lifestyle franchise investors.

They prefer to invest in franchises that can be run semi absentee or even full absentee while keeping their jobs.

With this in mind they ask that we do not link to them or share their pictures or information on LinkedIn so they can continue their roles while growing/ diversifying with another revenue stream with their new business.

Of course we do have many clients that transition out of corporate America 100% with their new business as well who are happy to share their story with the world but, hey, Jill and I are both marketing people so consistency is everything, right?!?

Bottom line: We love helping people choose the right franchise, save thousands on that franchise, and maintain their privacy while also building a consistent brand message ourselves.

Everyone wins!

Your friends in franchise consulting.

Jack and Jill Johnson

The Franchise Insiders