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Welcome to Recession Resistant Franchise Consultants.




Weather any economic downturn while building you and your family a dependable financial asset that can achieve generational wealth.

Our mission is to help you find the best low risk franchises.
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Whether you're looking to investing in a franchise during a recession or simply wanting to know which franchises are the most Recession Resistant, we can help. Our team of experts have years of experience in the franchising industry and can provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Check out this list of the best and worst franchises to buy here.

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At Recession Resistant Franchise Consultants, we're dedicated to helping you find the perfect franchise opportunity for you - regardless of what state the economy is in.


We offer a free service that'll help connect you with franchises that are bound to succeed no matter the financial climate.

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Tom L.

Guys, we just did $44K in revenue on our first day open! You made a great franchise recommendation!

We saved Tom $20k on

his franchise

Desiree T.

We grossed $1.5M in our second year of operations with the franchise you recommended. Thank you!!

We saved Desiree $10k on her franchise

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Brian W.

I would not work with anyone other than The Franchise Insiders on my franchise search! Their guidance has helped me build a great portfolio of passive franchises.

We saved Brian $45k on his franchises

Top 5 Recession-proof Franchise Industries | American Family Care Franchises
Can franchises survive in the current recession or will there be other options for the franchise? That's one of the most important questions. The US economy fell by more than 7% between 2010 and 2020, since the pandemic. Maybe it isn't the most attractive moment for franchisees. Obviously it will depend upon what industry you work in. Franchise owners can prosper during a recession, and it seems they're recession-resistant. Here's five of the best franchises that will stand up to a recession.


Top 5 Recession-Resistant Franchise Opportunities
It’s a good time now for business opportunities. In the USA we have seen record economic growth that will be remembered as the longest ever. In contrast, unemployment rates remain low. Franchise opportunities also increase as the franchise industry continues to experience success. It has been said many times before that everything that comes down is going down eventually too. Possibly the current period of growth. It's not possible to anticipate the timing of a possible downturn.


Restoration Services
Mother Nature never checks the economy before throwing destruction at her. The recovery service can be provided in the event of an earthquake, fire, tornado, or tornado. But there will also sometimes be fire in houses, bursting pipes, flooded bathrooms, and shifting foundations. Of all franchising options, restoration businesses have always had clients. Many homeowners need their homes and businesses to get back into useability in the best possible way, and most employment is covered by insurance. Those that are paid for insurance will be eager for the finished project.


Be an entrepreneur who caters to needs not desires
It is essential to understand how consumers spend during the recession. Peoples budget is tight. The habits of a person may seem hard to change, and inevitably. This is when people change from the purchases of what they are looking for into what they need. Therefore the shifting from discretionary purchases to non-discretionary purchases sometimes delays the start or end of the recession. The financial system generally depletes faster than a rebuildable economy would expect. The changing spending pattern often happens sooner during a recession than when it emerges at another level.


Home Care for Seniors
The American population is rapidly growing. According to estimates, Americans over 65 can reach 76.8 million and the younger generation is 76.4 million. According to AARP, 87% are looking for permanent housing as they get older. Assisted Living provides non-medically trained caregivers that assist senior citizens with the tasks they cannot easily do in their own homes. It's a way to take senior citizens around the house, make dinner and care for pets, or simply enjoy their company.


What is a recession proof business?
A recession occurs when economic activity in all industries falls significantly over a prolonged period. So the need to remain recession-resistant is to be able to sustain success despite the uncertainties that surround the economy. Recession proof businesses operate in sectors providing essential services that the consumers and business needs whatever the economic situation. While overall economy is down, recession-proof businesses may survive and prosper under recessions.


Factors that determine franchise resilience during a recession
Even a franchise with recession-proof technology will be ineffective without causing significant economic damage to its market value. Often franchise failures happen. Franchises have benefited from a number of factors which are helping them improve the economic resilience of their businesses over new startup ventures. If you are comparing franchise businesses to purchase, you should find the franchise that offers the product or service that you are seeking.



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So please browse our site and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us. We're here to help you find the perfect Recession Resistant Franchise for you.


Thank you for choosing Recession Resistant Franchise Consultants!


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