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The Best Recession-Proof Franchises to Start in 2024

Recession Proof Franchises

The Franchise Insiders have hundreds of clients and 20 years of experience in the franchise business.


This experienced team can provide you with a clear picture of the top recession-proof franchise brands. These franchises have high owner satisfaction ratings and are most likely to succeed in any economic conditions.

Even more so, recession-proof businesses are low-cost, low-risk franchises that make them some of the finest investments to investigate when looking for your best franchise choices.

Our list of the Top 5 Recession-Proof Franchises for 2024 includes award-winning franchise companies from many different industry segments, as well as a wide range of investment levels – including a number of businesses you can start with an initial investment (cash required) under $55,000.

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When considering any franchise, one question you might ask is whether it is recession-proof.  This is a good question to ask, especially now.

Some franchise businesses flourish during recessions — which suggests they are recession-proof.

If you are looking for a franchise that will be safe during a recession,

here are four industry examples to consider.

Recession-Proof Franchise #1 – Health Care

People continue to need medical care, whether the economy is good or bad. That makes this a great franchise sector to consider.

There are many different types of health care franchises, from in-home health care to senior care and more.

Want to find the right health care franchise fit for you and your interests? We can help.

Recession-Proof Franchise #2 – Cleaning Services


Cleaning services are another business that does well during tough economic times.

People may not be able to afford to hire a full-time housekeeper, but they can still afford to have someone come in and clean once a week or so.

Plus, as businesses downsize, there is still office space that needs to be cleaned regularly. 

These types of franchises often have a low investment and offer an executive 9-5 model where the owner acts as CEO and manages a steady multi-million dollar franchise.

Recession-Proof Franchise #3 – Automotive 

Regardless of the economy, vehicle maintenance is a must. However, during a recession, people keep their cars longer, and older vehicles require more maintenance. People don't want to make a high-ticket purchase like a new car at such times. Thus making automotive franchises even more viable.

Recession-Proof Franchise #4 – Home Repair

People tend to save money by repairing what they already have. This includes their homes. The home improvement industry is always considered recession-proof because people still spend money on repairing their homes even when the economy is bad. People usually choose to renovate or upgrade their homes instead of selling and moving during a recession.

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