Statement on COVID-19

Jill and I hope this note finds all of you in good health.

These are certainly scary times.

If you're like Jill and me, you are likely taking every precaution to be as safe and smart as possible.

We're holding loved ones a little closer these days and getting a lot more family time in close quarters which perhaps is a bit of a blessing in disguise.

That said, a lot of us still need to work and bring home the bacon and for some of you, with social distancing, this may not be possible.

Therefore, Jill and I would like to help in our own small way. We work with some very good work from home franchises that can get you up and running quickly without the need for travel or employees.

Where we can, we will give our max cash back amount available to our clients on work from home franchises; in some cases as much as $5,000 cash back, if you find your franchise with us.

If this can help one family we will have considered this effort a major success.

If you'd like details on this offer please click here.

PS. Know someone that might benefit from this offer? Please feel free to forward this link to anyone who you like. Jill and I will be giving $2,000 for any referrals that become a franchise owner with us, during these challenging times.


Feel free to email me for details.

Wishing you all well. This too shall pass.

Jack Johnson