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Female Franchise Owners are Thriving!

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Women's involvement in franchising is growing every single year.


There's a great stat from The Franchise Business Review that states women own or co-own 35% of the franchise outlets in the United States. That represents outlet growth of 24% from a decade earlier.



The growth reflects women’s strong presence in the corporate world, say experts and entrepreneurs. As women gain access to more resources and connections, experts say, they are increasingly venturing out and starting businesses of their own.

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Many women turn to franchising because “it is a turnkey solution to becoming a business owner,” says Geri Stengel, an American Express research adviser. She adds, “Some franchisers also provide access to capital, which is sometimes a challenge for women to obtain.”

“I think it’s driven by the fact we have more women in C-level upper-management positions than ever before, and when those women leave corporate America, they have more confidence to run their own business,” says Jania Bailey, chief executive officer of franchise marketplace FranNet.


Franchising provides a great roadmap for success for investors of all ages and backgrounds. And that's really where The Franchise Insiders shines, helping our clients invest in the right franchise. We know which franchises have the right kind of infrastructure and support eco-system for each type of client and can help them make the right investment.


While we help many first time franchise investors we also consistently work with seasoned franchise investors, looking to diversify and add franchises. All of this knowledge base is applied to help everyone find their best franchise match.


Popular franchises categories for women to invest in are child services, education,  health care/senior care, business to business, travel, and real estate.

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