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Learn The Absentee Franchise
That Showed An Annual
Net Owner Profit

Learn How An Absentee Franchise Made Our Client $52,000 In One Day.

Get the facts you need on today's top absentee "investor model" franchises. Learn which ones demand the least time from the investor/owner and yield the highest profits and fastest ROI, tailored to your budget and region.

Want The Best Absentee Franchise Investment?

Are you Intrigued by the idea of owning a franchise but don’t want the hassle of operating one full time?

Many top franchises no longer require you to be a full time owner-operator.

If you have a full-time job you want to keep or aim to diversify as a business owner, a full-time franchise isn't the right fit.

You need an absentee (or semi-absentee) franchise. 

We are the absentee franchise experts.

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- Discover the absentee franchise that made our client $44k

(on his first day) open for business.

- Learn the absentee franchise that shows a annual net owner profit of $500,053.12.

- Find out which absentee franchise only needs one employee and nets an average of 

 $200k per year and can qualify for up to $510,000 in tax deductions.

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Learn many more franchise secrets to success and

get access to the best absentee franchises!

What Is Absentee Ownership of a Franchise?

Absentee ownership of a franchise means you own the franchise without working there 9-5.  

With your franchisor's help, you set up a management team and employees to handle daily operations. You might not even live near the franchise. Some absentee franchises let you own a business in another state if your home territory is sold out and they have a simple "manage from afar" model.

Semi-absentee ownership is like full absentee ownership, but you play a larger role and dedicate about 10-14 hours a week to the franchise. You still outsource most operations while keeping your job or other business, but you may check in and assist as needed or oversee operations personally.

The importance of high Cash Flow for absentee franchises​. When considering an absentee-owned franchise, it's crucial to ensure it generates high cash flow to support a manager and employees while maintaining a 15%-20% net profit. If the franchise doesn't meet these criteria, owner-operator involvement may be necessary initially, with the option to scale back once profitable. Our team of experts can assist in finding an appropriate franchise.

Franchise Consulting Experience

that speaks for itself.

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Years of Franchise Consulting 



Great Franchises We Can Introduce You To


Happy People We've Helped Become Franchise Owners

Get the inside scoop on investing in the best franchises to scale to solid passive income assets. Learn the types of franchises that are the best fit to be run semi absentee.

As 20+ year franchise pros we teach you what you need to know to make a smart investment that can grow to make passive income.

Why Choose Franchising for Passive Income?

Franchise ownership is a proven way to build passive income. Generate ongoing revenue without having to actively manage every aspect of the day-to-day operations.


More flexibility and freedom. Reap the rewards of owning a successful business.
Work on your business NOT in it.

We do it ourselves and show you how.

Our Process

How we help you find the right absentee franchise

We Offer Support, You Make the Decisions.

Step 1: Discovery

We learn about you, your dreams, needs, and reasons for wanting to own a franchise.

Step 2: Consultation

We develop a personalized model centered around your needs, assisting you in identifying optimal opportunities.

Step 3: Franchise Selection

We stand alongside you, offering guidance and coaching as you evaluate your tailored franchise opportunities.

Franchise Consulting

Our consulting services are free and designed to help you understand franchise ownership, assess risks, and make the best decision for you.

What Is Absentee Ownership of a Franchise?

"Absentee ownership of a franchise means you own the franchise without working there 9-5."
Smiling Businessman

Franchise Insiders Client

Jack and Jill of The Franchise Insiders have helped my family and me immensely in charting our future. They assessed our interests and skills and had great recommendations that fit our passions. They have been quick to respond to our questions and concerns, and have been our advocates in our interactions with franchise brands. I just wish we could open more of the businesses they suggested!

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Franchise Insiders Client

The Franchise Insiders get my highest recommendation on everything one looks for in a consultant. Experience, Knowledge, Communication, Expectations, Follow-through, Beneficial Relationships.

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Franchise Insiders Client

We Opened July 17! We Made $60k in July, $210k in August, and $205k in September! Not even open a full year, my franchise has grossed 7+ figures and my work life balance is great! I'm working my franchise about 20 hours per week.

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