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Learn the Semi-Absentee Franchise That Earned Our Client $52,000 in a Day.

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Hi. We are Jack and Jill Johnson. Absentee franchise experts.


Ready for some Powerful Franchise Intel?

As 20 year franchise professionals we have the inside scoop for you when it comes to absentee/semi absentee franchise ownership.


Our clients have made as much as

💥$52k in a single day

💥$44k on opening day

🏡Want to learn the semi absentee home service franchise

that shows average sales of $3.80M vs. $110K-$193K investment?

🐕Ready to discover the absentee pet franchise that shows total revenues minus expenses of  $275,116.35 (19.0%)?

We helped scale a franchise to 100+ locations and $100M+ in revenue. Now, we're sharing our simple secrets to growing cash-flowing absentee franchises while pursuing other interests as

absentee franchise owners.

Why Absentee Franchises?

-More Time freedom

-More Control

-More Cash Flow

-More Wealth


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  1. Discover the semi-absentee franchise that made our client $52k in one day.

  2. Learn the absentee franchise that shows a net owner profit of $500,053.12.

  3. Find out which franchise only needs  4-5 part time employees and nets an average of $215,049.92 per year and qualifies for $510,000 in tax deductions.

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Learn many more franchise secrets to success and

get access to the best absentee franchises!

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🚀Uncover the Secret Behind the

Absentee Franchise

Boasting an Astounding

Annual Net Profit of $500,053.12!


The concept of an absentee franchise may seem like a mystery to some, but in reality, it is quite simple. An absentee franchise is a type of business ownership where the owner manages a manager to help operate the business on a day-to-day basis (with support from the franchisor) allowing them to lead their franchise to success while also having interest in other ventures.


Who Should Consider Absentee Franchises?

If you're looking to diversify, buy a cash flowing business asset, or invest in your future with a business that does not immediately require your 9-5, absentee franchising

is for you.


Impressive Profit Potential:

Learn about the semi-absentee franchises that generated $44,000 on the first day open for one of our clients. Another client made $52k in one day with the same franchise. Discover the absentee franchise that shows $500k+ profit in the item 19.


Flexible Business Model:

Discover the best semi absentee franchises that allow you to potentially scale a business to seven - eight figures annually without being tied to a traditional 9-5 work schedule.


Diversify Your Income:

Whether you want to keep your full-time job or simply diversify and generate additional cash flow and wealth while not working a 9-5 week, absentee franchising offers a proven strategy to build a scalable business that can run without your daily intervention.

At The Franchise Insiders, we specialize in helping individuals like you identify the best absentee franchise opportunities tailored to your budget and region. Our expertise lies in guiding you towards franchises that offer the highest profit margins leading to the fastest

return on investment.

💸Learn The Top Selling (CEO Model Franchise) with

Average Sales of $894K 

vs. Cost of $85K-$116K

Smiling Businessman

Franchise Insiders Client

Jack and Jill of The Franchise Insiders have helped my family and me immensely in charting our future. When I heard the word franchise, I immediately thought of restaurants. This error in my thinking has been corrected. Jack and Jill assessed our interests and skills and had great recommendations that fit our passions. They have been quick to respond to our questions and concerns, and have been our advocates in our interactions with franchise brands. I just wish we could open more of the businesses they suggested!

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Franchise Insiders Client

The Franchise Insiders get my highest recommendation on everything one looks for in a consultant. Experience, Knowledge, Communication, Expectations, Follow-through, Beneficial Relationships.

Portrait of Businessman

Franchise Insiders Client

We Opened July 17! We Made $60k in July, $210k in August, and $205k in September!

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Why Absentee Franchising?


  • Absentee Franchising is a great way for people from all walks of life to make an incredible living while not working full-time.

  • As a franchise owner you can achieve more freedom and income than you ever thought was possible.


Our goal is to help you identify and build a 7-8 figure business through absentee franchise ownership.

We've been in franchising for over two decades. As a former franchisor, we’ve helped scale a business to 100 units doing $100M+ in annual revenue. As franchise consultants we've helped hundreds of people become franchise owners over the past two decades.

What Is Absentee Ownership of a Franchise?

Absentee ownership of a franchise means you own the franchise without working there M-F 9-5.


With the help of your franchisor, you put in place a management team and employees to help run the day-to-day operations of the franchise business.  In some cases, you may not even live near the physical location of the franchise. Some absentee franchises even let you own a business that is in a different state as they help operate the franchise business for you for a fee around  5%.

Does the Franchise Generate Enough Cash Flow?


For absentee franchise ownership, you want to own a franchise that has high cash flow (cash flow is money left over after operating expenses have been paid).  If you want to be an absentee owner of a franchise, that franchise has to be able to support a manager and employees and still have a healthy profit around 10% - 20% net to make it worth your investment.  

If you invest in  a franchise that does not generate this type of cash flow, you will need to be an owner-operator initially and scale to absentee ownership over time.  

We help people make more money & build more wealth by connecting them to the best absentee franchises.

The Franchise Insiders


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20 + Years of franchise

consulting experience.

We help you find the right franchise 100% Free.

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The Franchise Insiders does not guarantee the financial performance of any franchise or business opportunity.  The decision to purchase a franchise, licensed affiliate, or business opportunity must be based on a buyer's independent research and analysis.  The Franchise Insiders is not liable for any representation made by an employee, affiliate, or associate of The Franchise Insiders with respect to the financial performance of the business being acquired.  This website does not constitute an offer of a franchise per the registration requirements by a Franchisor in some States. 

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