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Register and Save $5k- $20k on your  WaveMax Franchise?

  • #1 Coin Laundry Franchise!

  • This is the perfect absentee business.

  • 8 hours/wk to operate



Our self-service laundry machines account for approx. 77% of the

revenue generated per location.   

WDF (wash, dry, fold) services and vending accounts for approx. 23% of revenues. 


Net location cash flow: $220,599!  

3 Payment System Options (Coin, Card Readers and Phone App).  

We'll advise you on the benefits of each so you can determine what makes the best sense for you and your market.



Franchise Fee:$49,950
Royalties: 6%
Cash Investment: $300,000
Total Investment: $900,000 - $1,200,000
NetWorth: $650,000

SBA approved: Yes

Home Based: No

Absentee ownership available: Yes
Average number of employees required:  2-4 part time

Founded: 2012
Franchised: 2016

The perfect absentee business!


As cliche as it is location, location, location is obviously number one. We have developed our own proprietary approach to discerning the best possible real estate play for our locations. It includes:

Right Site (Understand Demographics and Competition in the area)
Right Size (Best size store based on Demographics and Competition)
Right Mix (Best mix of Equipment for the Site)
Maximum Profits (Keep all costs under control for maximum profits)


Why the Laundry industry?

  • The industry has no brand, no business sophistication and massive turn over from operator to operator.

  • This is the perfect absentee business. 8 hours/wk to operate

Our ideal franchisee / candidate

We are looking for true entrepreneurs that want to get in early and secure the prime territories before they are gone. We launched Flying Locksmiths in 2015 and we know how incredible that has turned out. This will be the next big opportunity to get in early!

Semi-Absentee Model (8-10 hours of Owner work each week)

Number of Franchisees: 166 units sold, 43 units open, 37 under construction; Corporate Owned: 1

Item 19 Summary: Gross Revenue $489,385 *Net Cash Flow $220,599 (No Equipment Financing, after franchise royalties deducted) **Net Cash Flow $134,475 (With 100% Equipment Financing)

Learn More About WaveMax Franchise and Register to
Save $5,000 -$20,000 On This Franchise Today!
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WaveMax - The Perfect Absentee Business!


Have you ever wanted to own your own business, but didn't want the hassle of being on-site all the time? Well, look no further! WaveMax Laundromats are the perfect absentee business. We have developed our own proprietary approach to discerning the best possible real estate play for our locations, which includes a self-service laundry model that generates 77% of revenues per location. So what are you waiting for? Contact us today to learn more about owning your very own WaveMax Laundromat!


The Laundry Industry:

The laundry industry is an untapped market with massive potential. There is no brand loyalty in the industry, and it has a high turnover rate from operator to operator. This presents a unique opportunity for WaveMax to come in and establish itself as a leading player in the space. Moreover, the laundry industry is the perfect business for an absentee owner. With our self-service model, you can operate your WaveMax Laundromat with only 8 hours/week!


Location, Location, Location:

We have all heard the saying "location, location, location" for a reason. It is obviously one of the most important factors to consider when starting any business. But don't worry - we have got you covered! Our team has developed a proprietary approach to discerning the best possible real estate play for our locations. We take into account a number of factors, including foot traffic, demographics, competition, and more. So rest assured that when you open your WaveMax Laundromat, it will be in a prime location that is sure to generate high revenues!


High Revenues:

Our self-service laundry machines account for approx. 77% of the revenue generated per location. That means that you can expect your WaveMax Laundromat to generate high revenues from day one! In addition, we offer WDF (wash, dry, fold) services and vending options that generate an additional 23% of revenues per location. All told, you can potentially expect your WaveMax Laundromat to generate net cash flow of $220,599 per year!


The WaveMax franchise difference

So what are you waiting for? Contact us today to learn more about owning your very own WaveMax Laundromat! With our proven business model and experienced team by your side, you can be up and running in no time! And remember - because our self-service model requires only 8 hours/week of operation, this is the perfect business for an absentee owner! Don't miss out on this great opportunity - contact us today to get started!


The Wavemax franchise has a fantastic absentee business model and great connections with washer and dryer distributors and national franchise brands in the fast food business.


Wavemax laundry franchise now has many coin laundry locations that are thriving over mom and pop operators. Wavemax franchise enjoys an extremely low employee count so that even non business savvy operators who can afford the franchise fee can minimize their project cost nationwide service and build a multi unit franchise empire thanks to the WaveMax franchise development team.


Commercial laundry equipment does not need to sell equipment to succeed with this great business model that features a eco power dryer line and top of the line industry high efficiency washers from the largest commercial laundry manufacturers who sell industry leading equipment to operators that have a proper store design. WaveMax laundry franchise features business sophistication that other coin only laundromats can't compete with because they are a national chain and understand how the marketing population demographics analysis of each market.


The founder of WaveMax franchise dennis mulgannon also started other succesful franchises Home Care Assistance and Junk King as well as turning the Flying Locksmiths into national franchise.


Wavemax has an easier way coin laundry locations store design optimizes usage focused its business model developing the prototypical market on a business model on developing to sustain a national chain based in jacksonville fl has focused dennis mulgannon who successfully helped build the first corporate store as a real estate play with a strong absentee business model and its own proprietary approach to achieve income best size store and a very unique franchise opportunity with fully attended store maximizes and store security.


The WaveMax franchise business partners are coin laundry industry operates not mom and pop operators. They are based in based in Jacksonville FL and know how to get repeat business with wavemax coin laundry based store design in a prototypical market to get maximum possible revenue becasue of store layouts, independent laundry, and without massive turnover other coin laundry franchises deal with.


Wavemax franchise makes money with wash dry fold service and great dryer distributors because it's an industry leader with non essential equipment and automatic weighing system and has the business financial statements to prove it.


Fill out the form above to learn more today!

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