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Discover the Truth:

Crumbl franchise is over priced and overrated!

We are huge fans of Crumbl cookies and enjoy them every week for dessert. However, there are concerns about the longevity of this franchise as a passing trend. With an estimated initial investment ranging up to $1,404,333 it's important to carefully consider if this investment aligns with your goals.

When looking at a multi-unit Crumbl franchise we spoke with, which has several locations, its best-performing site only yields only slightly above $120k annually. 

Compare that to the numbers you see below. The franchise featured in this Item 19 PnL Total Investment is $128,000 - $166,500

Hire a knowledgable franchise consultant today to help you make more money on a smaller investment. Save Crumbl for a dessert treat. Not an investment.

Want better ROI on your franchise investment? Fill out the form below and learn what type of franchise is your top match!

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Crumbl Cookies Headquarters

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Tel: 800-445-6382

Text: 305-710-0050

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consulting experience.

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